Bentley, the sportswear chain, can continue to use the name despite challenge by Bentley, the car

Bentley 1962, the sportswear firm that has been selling clothes under the Bentley brand since 1982, has seen off a challenge by the luxury carmaker of the same name, in a trademark dispute. Bentley, the car which is owned by Volkswagen, has fought a 13-year campaign to strip the other Bentley of the trademark. 

Bentley Motors posted €1.9 billion  (£1.6 billion) in sales in 2015, while Bentley 1962’s sales have never exceeded £5 million, according to an article in the Evening Standard

But its ownership of the rights to the name on its clothing was decided by the Intellectual Property Office last summer and confirmed last week after an appeal by Bentley Motors was thrown out.

Intellectual Property Barrister - myBarrister