Child Abduction

What do I need to know about the laws surrounding child abduction?

Child abduction happens when one parent removes their child or children without the consent of the other. It can happen within the same jurisdiction or to another country.  The law covering this situation is the Child Abduction Act 1984. European law regulates the movement of children between EU countries. The Hague Convention on Child Abduction, 1980, is an agreement to which most countries have signed up covering international abductions. 

Because of the very nature of the offence, there is almost always a need to respond quickly. Barristers who are expert in child abduction will know exactly how to respond. That may involve, for example, obtaining a Court order or alerting the border authorities. Barristers have the experience to know how to deal sensitively in what is invariably a highly emotionally charged situation.

If you are in the position where your child has been abducted, or you suspect may be abducted, or if you are not sure about the laws relating to abduction, contact a barrister on myBarrister, who will be able to advise you authoritatively and accurately on your situation and options.

Why should I choose a barrister?

Barristers are experts in the law and in the conduct of legal disputes. They are able to advise you on your legal position, draft legal documents, advise on formal proceedings and use their advocacy skills to represent you to the highest standard in any court, tribunal or hearing. 

Which barrister should I choose?

If you need expert advice on child abduction, choose a barrister on myBarrister. Barristers will provide you with expert, cost-effective and high-value guidance so you that you know where you stand and can take the right decisions about what to do next. 

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