Andrew Thompson

"Andrew has been most professional and consistently met and surpassed all of my expectations - you will be very lucky to have him represent you."

I have extensive experience and specialist knowledge of road traffic offences. I have a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes. I am well-versed in defending complex and serious cases as well as more straightforward matters. I only act for defendants. I do not do any other kind of work. I travel extensively in England & Wales - most often to courts in Yorkshire and London. 

Advice:  Notice of Intended Prosecution, Single Justice Procedure Notice, Postal Requistions, Advice as to plea, procedure, drafting statements of mitigation.

Magistrates’ Court cases:  Speeding, careless driving, traffic signs, totting up, exceptional hardship, special reasons, mitigating circumstances, early return driving licence following disqualification, drink driving, drunk in charge offences, insurance offences, construction and use offences, using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Crown Court cases:  Causing death by dangerous driving, Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving, Causing death by careless driving, Dangerous Driving, Appeals, Early return of driving licence following disqualification.

Appeals:  Andrew is experienced in appeals against sentence and conviction heard before the Crown Court and at the Court of Appeal. 

My approach


I have extensive experience and specialist knowledge of road traffic offences. I am regularly instructed by solicitors, corporations and members of the public. I frequently appear in Magistrates and Crown Courts all over the country.


My fees are competitive and affordable. Most services are performed on an agreed fixed-fee basis. There can be a significant cost saving if your case is suitable for Direct Access. 


I will deal with your case from start to finish. You will not instruct me but see someone else at court. Your case will not be prepared by unqualified paralegals. I do all of the work on your case.


Emails and calls will be answered very quickly; generally on the same day. In appropriate cases, we will agree a timescale for work to be completed.

My work

R v S (Bradford Crown Court)

Instructed in this dangerous driving case by Lucy Whitaker at Pragma Law Solicitors. The prosecution alleged that S drove his car around a corner whilst a person was positioned on the front bonnet of the car. The ‘passenger’ fell off the bonnet and was rendered unconscious as a result of hitting his head on the ground. S denied that his driving was more than careless. The case was committed for trial to the Crown Court and negotiations were entered into with the prosecuting authority. The prosecution agreed to discontinue proceedings for dangerous driving following a guilty plea to careless driving. Three penalty points were endorsed with a very small fine.


R v K (Lewes Crown Court)

Instructed in this death by dangerous driving case. The prosecution alleged that K was racing another vehicle - both cars driven at over 100 mph only one second apart. The driver of the lead car lost control of his vehicle, crashed and sadly, a passenger lost his life. K denied that his driving was more than a minimal cause of death. Not guilty verdict to causing death by dangerous driving but convicted of a far less serious offence after a 7 day trial.


R v P (Carlisle Magistrates’ Court)

Instructed in this speeding case. The prosecution alleged that the defendant drove at a measured 145 mph and “in excess of 150 mph” whilst being followed by a police car over a distance of 25 miles. Full facts admitted. 56 day disqualification. £120 fine.


R v P (Bradford Crown Court)

Instructed in this perverting the course of justice case. The prosecution alleged that the defendant used a laser jammer device on two separate occasions in two different vehicles - preventing speed checks to be made. Defendant found not guilty of both counts after a three day trial.


R v L (Staines Magistrates' Court)

Instructed in this speeding case. At trial before a district judge, the prosecution were put to proof that proceedings were instituted properly by Thames Valley police using the Single Justice Procedure. Prosecutor offered no evidence at half-time and the case was dismissed.


R v O (Lincoln Crown Court)

Instructed in this appeal against conviction case. In the lower court, the defendant, of previous good character, was convicted of an assault arising from a “road rage” incident. The defendant’s appeal against conviction was allowed.


R v F (Leamington Spa Magistrates' Court)

Instructed in this speeding and careless driving case. At trial, a police officer testified that the defendant drove his Porsche at 130 mph, drove erratically, tailgated and undertook a vehicle. Case dismissed following a submission of no case to answer.


R v G (Sheffield Crown Court)

Instructed in this appeal against sentence case. Client previously disqualified pursuant to the “totting up” provisions. Appeal allowed as “exceptional hardship” was found.


R v W (Brighton Magistrates' Court)

Instructed in this high profile careless driving case. Client accused of accelerating out of a junction and 'veering' into the path of an oncoming car. Case reported in the national press. Legal submissions made to the prosecuting authority and proceedings discontinued prior to trial.


R v Backhouse [2010] EWCA Crim 1111

Instructed by all four defendants in a three-week trial at York Crown Court. All defendants were found 'not guilty' of causing death by dangerous driving and the alternative dangerous driving charge, but convicted of a separate dangerous driving offence. Appeared for all four appellants at the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) in the subsequent appeals against sentence. This case is a leading authority on "the purposes of disqualification from driving."

About me

I am able to engage at an early stage of the trial process, including both client conferences and written advices. I make a point of providing clients with early tactical advice.

I bring a mixture of experience, objectivity and reality to my cases. All cases are thoroughly prepared and client meetings reflect this; meetings are well-structured and efficient. I always ensure that clients are clear about their options and prospects of success through realistic advice and the continued support that I provide throughout the process. 

I have extensive knowledge of complex legislation and case law in relation to both practice and procedure. I am known for my thorough understanding of the brief and, with experience, I have developed an effective approach to cross-examination.

What my clients say

“Cannot fault Andrew's service from initial contact I had with him, to the conclusion of the hearing I had which could have resulted in 6 points and a substantial fine. In the end, I was found not guilty. So, yes, a good result, walked away not convicted and costs awarded. It absolutely pays in getting the right representation when it comes potentially having your licence endorsed which could affect your livelihood.”

Mr C, September 2019

“I found Andrew's details on the internet and he very promptly replied to me when I contacted him. His advice was clear, consistent, realistic and I found him to be reassuring, even though he was always careful not to raise my hopes of a successful outcome. Despite a busy schedule he was always contacted me when planned and was prompt to return calls or emails. He attended court with me and ensured that I kept my licence. I would instruct him again without hesitation.”

Mr H, March 2019

"Cannot speak highly enough of Andrew. He was incredibly thorough and detailed, and patiently explained every aspect of the legal complexities to me. Not only did the CPS have to withdraw the charges during the trial, thanks to Andrew, the judge awarded costs to be refunded to me. There is no possible chance that this very successful outcome could have been achieved without Andrew's terrific skills and specialised knowledge, for which I'm extremely grateful."

Mrs L, May 2018

Professional & academic

Bachelor of Laws, LL.B. (Hons), 1996

Bar Vocational Course (Very Competent), 1998

Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1998

Qualified to accept direct access instructions via the Public Access Scheme.

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