Gary Summers

My expertise is in advising and representing clients on matters relating to commercial disputes; fraud; criminal and professional investigations; insolvency and bankruptcy; professional conduct/discipline and private prosecutions.
With over 30 years’ experience as a barrister and holding a license to litigate (awarded in 2014), clients directly engage my services knowing that I will strategically guide them through their legal problems/disputes to achieve a just resolution.

My approach

Many prospective clients come to me distressed and fearful. Very often their experiences with the legal process have been unsatisfactory. 
When a client signs up with me I aim to be with them for better or worse through thick and thin to the bitter end, a legal shoulder to lean on throughout.
I leave no stone unturned and am relentless in the pursuit of justice for my clients. This is my life’s work. I am passionate about what I do and understand that every client is unique and every case has its own unique demands and requires rigorous dedication.
I am open and transparent with my clients. They come to me for qualified legal advice. I do not believe in 'sugar-coating’ the challenges they may face, believing that you will never climb a mountain unless you prepare and equip to do so. 

It is my role to navigate clients through the legal minefield they may be facing and achieve a successful outcome.

Through Resolution - the practice model I founded in 2020 which enables affordable access to specialist counsel without having to go through an intermediary solicitor - my clients are able to pay fixed fees and/or fees on a monthly basis by a retainer spread over the life of a case.  

My work

Here are examples of my work in the areas in which I specialise. 

Dispute Resolution
I have been instructed on numerous cases in the UK Court of Appeal, High Court, Insolvency and Companies Court and Central London and other County Courts, advising claimants and defendants in multi-million-pound loss cases, and insolvency.  

I have also litigated abroad in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Cyprus. Using my licence to litigate, I am directly instructed on civil fraud and banking claims, company disputes, personal and corporate insolvency and contentious probate cases.

Mediation and Crisis Resolution
I am a qualified mediator and experienced crisis solver who enjoys applying my forensic imagination to resolve disputes. I am typically engaged to identify and negotiate out of court solutions/settlements. 

I have been rated in the Legal Directories in business crime and fraud for 20 years and have over 22 years of practice in the area of criminal defence. I also prosecute and am a member of the Private Prosecutors’ Association. I have undertaken varied private prosecutions directly for individual and corporate clients under licence to litigate arrangements.

Investigations (International and Domestic) 
Between 2012 and 2014 I was the lead investigation counsel for the defence team representing the President of Kenya in the case of The Prosecutor vs. Uhuru Kenyatta at the International Criminal Court.

Based in Kenya I led an investigation team identifying and interviewing lay witnesses, procuring expert witnesses in the fields of cell site evidence, mapping and attribution, linguistic analysis of witness statements and audio analysis and voice identification of tape recordings. 

Following success in this case, I was appointed to two legal advisory groups on international investigations and forensics to update the United Nations Manual on the Prevention and Investigation of Extra-Legal, Arbitrary and Summary Executions (‘Minnesota Protocol’). The updated protocol was released in 2016. 

Since 2017 my international investigations have included a shipping investigation in Panama, an employment fraud investigation and an international fraud investigation spanning Switzerland, Cyprus, Japan, Malaysia, the BVI and Peru.

In the UK, the cases in which I have been directly instructed include investigations into suspected murder, frauds, thefts and money laundering. 

Professional  Conduct/ Discipline
Between 2009 and 2014 I was the retained counsel for the General Medical Council (GMC), the General Dental Council (GDC) and what is now the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC).

Since late 2014 I have specialised in defence work in the same field, undertaking Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) hearings at the Oxford Road hearing centre in Manchester on GMC cases. 

About me

I started my legal career in 1980 as a solicitor practising criminal and family law in a radical and respected East London firm and in 1985 qualified as a barrister, initially specialising in crime.  Having practised as a solicitor I understand the hands-on practicalities of attending to clients and their families and preparing and filing legal documentation and how to ensure that exorbitant legal costs are avoided.

I represent individuals (many of whom are professionals, entrepreneurs, company directors and high-profile public figures), also commercial organisations and public bodies. 

Clients engage my services to resolve commercial disputes; to  mediate and resolve legal  crises; represent them at  professional disciplinary and court hearings; conduct major investigations into cases of crime and fraud both internationally and in the UK; to prepare and lead their defence when facing bankruptcy  and insolvency charges and to prepare and lead private prosecutions. 

I have a reputation for helping resolve highly complex and difficult cases and for supporting clients through very taxing and challenging circumstances.  

What my clients say

Dispute Resolution
Company and Commercial 

Ms N
‘In 2019, I instructed Mr Gary Summers to work on a highly complex Commercial case, heard in a four -week trial in the High Court, Chancery Division (sitting at the Rolls Building London). 

I was always fully consulted and in control of the process. Gary acted with commercial integrity and the financials were fully transparent. I was kept informed of and decided on all expenditure. The whole service was very cost effective.

Gary completely understood the mental, and at times physical strain of the whole process and of a legal system totally alien to a layperson. His support was unwavering throughout and he was always available to respond to my questions and concerns. I always felt that my well-being was at the heart of the entire service.’ 

Mr T
‘A calm and brilliant senior lawyer with many years of experience. 
 Gary has represented me directly from 2018 to date - where two other so- called leading solicitors failed - with the confidence needed during serious commercial litigation in the Commercial Court as the Claimant against two financial institutions. He has pitched himself against two leading solicitor firms representing the defendants with large teams, ensuring that as the client I understand in detail and at every stage of the journey the  processes and procedures of law during our twice weekly discussions.  I would highly recommend him.’ 
Mr P
‘Mr Summers is a respectable and knowledgeable barrister who provided us with vital support regarding legal and technical matters of the law. 
Mr Summers worked on a tight schedule to prepare our defence case. He was very reassuring and right at the outset explained the technical points he would use to fight our case. 
I found Mr Summers to be highly professional, extremely helpful, and plain speaking. His service to us as defendants in a complex commercial legal matter was highly valuable. 
Mr Summers is easy to talk to and listens carefully to his client, presenting legal arguments to us clearly in both a reliable and timely manner. 
He was supportive throughout the whole process including the preparation for and in attendance of court, whilst being always contactable.
He condensed and articulated the relevant points of our case and managed our time effectively.  
Mr Summers was completely dedicated to us and I feel we were well represented throughout the entire proceedings. Without hesitation I would recommend Mr Summers and would also like to thank him for his support and thoughtfulness during my case.’ 

Mediation and Crisis Management
Insurance (Business and Personal) 

Mr S
‘In 2015 the solicitor’s firm in which I was employed faced a major crisis. We were being sued for several million pounds (by two well-known sports celebrities) in connection with unsecured loans and property matters undertaken by our senior partner. Our professional indemnity (PI) insurers had pulled the rug out from under us and were refusing cover. Our senior partner was potentially facing financial ruin.

Gary spent ten intensive days undertaking a thorough investigation into the issues and produced a perceptive report with diagnostics and solutions.  He negotiated ruthlessly with the PI insurers.  Gary’s focus and tough and street-wise approach ensured that the insurers remained on cover which ultimately saved the firm.’

Criminal Defence

Mr B
(Crown Court Defence Trial Rape and Sexual Assault)
‘I knew from the outset that I had chosen my defence well.  By the time the trial date arrived Gary had carried out extensive research and was well prepared in his defence.  As a result of Gary’s outstanding defence, I was found not guilty unanimously by the jury on six counts of profoundly serious charges.’

Criminal Defence 

Mr K
ICC v Uhuru Kenyatta President of Kenya
‘Gary Summers handled a high-profile international investigation of great complexity with total professionalism yielding sensational results for the client. His seniority as a barrister provided him with the back-up legal expertise needed to negotiate a quagmire of danger and ensured the investigation got to the bottom of what had happened. The investigation deployed a range of experts in telecommunications, linguistics and audio identification amongst others. He had the experience of knowing where to go to get the cutting-edge expertise needed to crack the case. The case organisation, essential in these situations, was 100% effective.’ 
Mr B
‘Gary Summers is a top-class Counsel, Investigator and Licensed Litigator. From the very first telephone conversation he made me feel at ease in what would turn out to be a very complex murder investigation, for which Gary is so very well equipped as he is able to call upon and work with other experts such as former Scotland Yard murder squad detectives and forensic scientists.  

Our very first meeting was very meaningful with his analysis of the facts impressive, with me likening his understanding and intuition to that of a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. Gary quickly structured the sequence of events to lead to a formal report and further witness reports to see this matter to a conclusion. He makes a highly formal process accessible when dealing with complex and serious matters. I recommend Gary to any case that is of a serious nature to get the job done.’


Professional Discipline

Mr E
Healthcare Disciplinary
‘In 2012 out of the blue I received a letter that was to change my life. False allegations had been made about me and they were serious enough to be investigated by the NHS Fraud squad and Police. I knew I had not done any of the things I had been accused of and I contacted a barrister  - Mr Summers -  directly. From the moment I met him I knew I had someone who would fight my corner. His professionalism and support were so reassuring. The case was dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service and NHS Fraud Division. 

My nightmare would continue as I was reported by my employer to the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). Mr Summers went into action to refute the false allegations. He would conference call me and keep me up to date on every stage of the case and his knowledge of the law was evident. Throughout this ordeal without the support of Gary Summers I feel my life would have been ruined. The case was finally heard having been adjourned on several occasions but despite this Gary was there every step and the outcome was again no case to answer.’  

Professional Insurance
Dr B
‘I was recommended the direct access legal services of Gary Summers by a colleague following the sudden and unexpected withdrawal of my medical indemnity cover by my insurer. This left me in a very vulnerable and precarious position, facing a lengthy General Medical Council (GMC) disciplinary hearing and without any legal representation. It was at this point that Gary came to my rescue and agreed to defend me.

His ability to unpick the complexities of the case, leave no stones unturned and cleverly present the evidence in my favour shone through. I have never met another lawyer more ardent, prepared or focused. Nothing seems to faze him at all or distract him from his goal on a case, which of course makes him extremely tough to beat.

GMC disciplinary hearings are extremely distressing and stressful for any doctor to have to endure during their medical career and I was so grateful for Gary's support and encouragement throughout.

I was also subject to intrusive media attention during my hearings which was very stressful. Gary's ability to negotiate with the GMC press office and press photographers ensured that this unwanted attention was kept to an absolute minimum. He successfully defended me in the Interim Order Tribunal (IOT) hearing which meant that I could continue to practice medicine as a doctor pending the result of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) hearing.

He also succeeded in getting 75% of the GMC Heads of Charge (HOC) against me thrown out by the tribunal which is unheard of in such GMC cases enabling me to resume my career.’

"Dear Harry,

I just wanted to drop you a brief note to thank you for the introduction to Gary.

I instructed Gary to act on my behalf, and you should know the service he and his team provided was first class.

He was thorough, professional, strategic and focused at all times.

Even though we had to change legal tack at short notice, Gary's determination culminated in what for me was 'a win' in Court, when everybody else had written off my chances.

I cannot sing his praises loudly enough. I would not hesitate to recommend Gary to anybody else. This is a man who gets the job done.

Kind regards,

John Goddard"

Professional & academic

Education BA Law (Hons) (2:1), East London University
Called to the Bar of England & Wales in 1985 

Commercial Fraud Lawyers Association (CFLA)
Criminal Bar Association (CBA)
Private Prosecutors’ Association (PPA)
Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers (ARDL)
Public Access Bar Association (PABA)

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