What are your legal rights if you find that you are without a home?

Local authorities have a duty to provide a place to live to anyone in their area of responsibility. This duty can include the obligation to provide accommodation, advice and assistance to homeless people.

The local authority's homeless duties also extend to situations where people may have somewhere to stay but it is not reasonable for them to continue living in that accommodation. This could be, for example, where there is violence or domestic abuse or where the property is in such a poor condition it is not appropriate for people to stay there.

If you are homeless and are applying to be housed, there may be a number of issues that you facing.  For example:

  • ensuring your eligibility to be rehoused
  • if the Local Authority has not processed your application
  • if the Local Authority is taking a long time to process your application
  • if the Local Authority has offered you unsuitable housing (for example, if you have a disability).

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Who is the best barrister for me?   

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