James Harris

James has advised and conducted numerous cases for litigants disputing large sums of money, including building contracts.

James is a barrister with very wide experience at the Bar, particularly but not exclusively in civil matters. He has a special experience in property litigation including cases in the higher courts.

My work

James is a skilled barrister, and often considers and raises novel or original solutions for his client, whilst always balancing the client's needs and costs.  James appreciates that a client's costs are of upmost importance, and of the advantages of compromise and negotiation.  James will works towards a possible settlement if that is the wish of the client.

Direct Public Access

  • James accepts instructions from members of the public on a direct public access basis.
  • James also has a separate direct public access website for his direct access clients and work: www.propertybarrister.net

About me

James Harris is an experienced civil barrister at 5 St Andrew's Hill. James has been in practice continuously since 1975, and has undertaken a very large number of civil cases of various types including company cases; chancery disputes and has particular expertise in property cases.

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