Jonathan de Rohan

"Jonathan read through the documents in my dispute quickly, explained the necessary procedure succinctly and managed to settle a 10 month disagreement with one legally-detailed, perfectly-constructed letter, saving me many thousands of pounds!"  JB, London

I am barrister with great experience of litigating and resolving personal, residential and commercial claims and disputes of all sizes arising out of breach of contract (including building & construction works and insurance claims), negligence (including building professionals) and nuisance property damage caused by incidents of fire, flood, tree roots encroachment and ground subsidence.

My approach

To provide expert legal support and assistance that is fast, cost-effective and determined, yet wholly collaborative with the approach, attitude and aspirations of my many differing, and often repeat, clients.

My work

Highly valued by a broad range of private and corporate clients, praised for being “meticulous … combining first class paper work with excellent advocacy” with “skills in a variety of legal disciplines”, as having “a very strong commercial understanding client’s needs” and being “very approachable” demonstrating a “can do attitude”.

I am an accredited mediator having undergone rigorous training in 2005 with the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling at Regents College (London), enabling me to get to the very heart of some of the most complex and intractable disputes. I mediate over the range of civil law cases from relatively modest contract claims and building & construction disputes to higher value property damage, personal injury and fatal damages claims.

About me

Over 20 years I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience as a civil/common law barrister engaged in a wide range of contractual, commercial, technical and business disputes before courts and tribunals of every level.

In 2021 I won authorisation from the Bar Standards Board to conduct litigation, massively bolstering my public access practice and enabling me to offer the very fullest ‘start to finish’ litigation support service, including:

  • Issuing proceedings, applications and appeals
  • Acknowledging service of proceedings
  • Filing and serving documents
  • Lodging trial and hearing bundles
  • Providing chambers address as the address for service of documents
  • Signing off on a list of disclosure
  • Instructing and questioning expert witnesses in accordance to CPR Part 35

What my clients say

“Jonathan stepped in at very short notice in my claim against rogue builders. Over the Christmas break, he quickly turned around an opinion on the “prospects of success” of the case. Then he amended the court documents, which I had filed incorrectly. His work was very professional and he got up to speed on the case very fast. On the day of the initial hearing, I immediately felt Jonathan was on our side. He was very quick to prepare a strategy for what we needed to focus the court’s time on. He made me feel at ease in a very challenging situation. In court, he was very confident and professional presenting our case. Afterwards, we discussed next steps over a calming cup of tea. We discussed how to approach the insurer to ensure funding would be in place, what might be the worst or best outcomes in court and how to potentially negotiate an out of court settlement.”
SS, London

"Worth your weight in gold. You always just simplify everything - your court papers read perfectly. Thank you for everything your've done for us. We would have been lost without you."  ABC Construction Limited, Sheffield

“Jonathan has tremendous litigation skills. During the legal proceedings, Jonathan listened and absorbed details of my case and my opinion and then made convincing recommendations and decisions. Jonathan has the ability to dissect a case much like a skilled surgeon, with absolute calm. In court, Jonathan was a tremendous help for me while addressing the intricacies of my case which resulted in expeditious and consensual resolution.  I would be proud to refer my family, friends and even strangers to him, and I am sure they will be happy with his legal expertise.” NH, London

"After a two year battle with our local council and their insurers over the flooding of our home we were forced to go to litigation. As litigants in person we needed a lot of hand holding and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found Mr Jonathan de Rohan who was an absolute pleasure to work with. The case was very complex, not only technically but evidentially and legally. What we appreciated about working with Jonathan was his attention to detail, his patience and his commitment. In court his conduct and execution were exemplary. Despite the defendants having a formidable counsel themselves, we won the day! Two grateful clients." MH & CH, Sussex

"Jonathan read through the documents in my dispute quickly, explained the necessary procedure succinctly and managed to settle a 10 month disagreement with one legally-detailed, perfectly-constructed letter, saving me many thousands of pounds!"  JB, London

"We found Jonathan to be most affable, easy to talk to and extremely fast to grasp the crux of the matter in question. His strategic planning in litigation is second to none in our opinion and we bless the day we were introduced to him." XYZ Construction Limited, Kent

"Just brilliant ... your powerfully worded Defence led to the Claimant discontinuing against me."  LK, Norfolk

" ... It was a breath of fresh air to see a true expert at work. Your powers of concentration and your ability to absorb information at such short notice was remarkable." JC, Kent


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