Matondo is frequently instructed to advise on matters in the County Courts and the High Court and thus in representing you, you will can be assured that you are being represented by someone who knows his way around the civil courts, including  the Administrative Court. To this end he does undertake the drafting of detailed grounds of appeal, advice on merits of appeal and of course the drafting of robust and clear skeleton arguments when instructed so to do.   

Matondo’s civil practice encompasses  the following areas:

  • Residential possession and disrepair proceedings
  • Injunction applications
  • Breach of Contract
  • Landlord and Tenant (Commercial and Residential)
  • Judicial Review (including out of hours application)

My approach

Throughout his time at the bar Matondo has provided both written and oral advocacy for clients who have been appellants before a variety of Tribunals. He has extensive experience before the Employment Tribunal and the following Chambers of the First Tier Tribunals:

  • Immigration and Asylum Chamber
  • Property Chamber
  • Social Entitlement Chamber

Additionally, he does represent his clients before the Upper Tribunal and does receive regular instructions to draft grounds of appeal for the Upper Tribunal and the Administrative Chamber.

Matondo’s employment practice focuses principally on the following areas: unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, discrimination and Wages claims in the Employment Tribunal and he is experienced at dealing with jurisdiction (out of time) applications before the Employment Tribunal.

About me

Matondo has been a direct access barrister for a considerable period (over seven years) and as such he is very much accustomed to dealing with client’s from the outset and gets involved, where instructed, in pre-trial aspects of anticipated proceedings. This experience has been honed as a practitioner who is also qualified as an Attorney-at-law in another jurisdiction where he has always dealt with clients directly.

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