Michael Shaw

Michael accepts instructions on contractual disputes on a direct access basis from individuals and businesses alike. Having held a position as the Director of a law firm before joining the Bar, Michael has first hand experience of the realities of what it means to run a business. Michael has handled the following types of dispute;

  • Debt recovery claims (unpaid fees and invoices)
  • Business-to-business (B2B) contracts and disputes
  • Consumer contracts
  • Sale of goods (domestic and international)
  • Supply of services
  • Insurance contracts


If you have a contractual dispute case in one of these areas then Michael can help with;

  • Advising on a particular legal point
  • Negotiating to settle a case with other parties
  • Writing letters to other parties
  • Drafting Court papers for a new or existing case
  • Attending hearings, trials and applications
  • Drafting applications
  • Round table mediation to resolve disputes

What my clients say

“Michael Shaw dealt with our case in the most professional manner. He was caring and courteous towards the Defendant who was a victim of domestic violence whilst displaying the utmost professionalism and giving her the advice and confidence to give evidence in the best way possible. His cross-examination technique, expertise and his confidence is what won the case in the end. Highly recommended! Thanks again Michael. Great result”

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