Michael Shaw

Michael is a specialist and experienced small claims barrister. Michael can assist in the following areas.

  • Issuing or Defending Court Proceedings
  • Application Drafting and Court Attendance
  • Drafting of Statements of Case and Witness Statements
  • Case Management Court Hearings
  • Set aside hearings for Default Judgment
  • Final hearings and trials at the County Court


Money disputes and debt cases make up the vast majority of the work that Michael does. Michael is a Direct Access Barrister who specialises in this area. He has represented those who believe they are owed money and defended those who believe they do not.

Michael has 15 years experience of money claims in the Courts of England and Wales. Michael can help by representing you in court or by drafting important key documents such as court forms, court documents and letters to your opponents.

Michael is registered as a direct access barrister so you can instruct him directly in order to avoid having to pay solicitors fees. Money disputes and debt matters make up a large part of his casework.

What my clients say

“Michael Shaw dealt with our case in the most professional manner. He was caring and courteous towards the Defendant who was a victim of domestic violence whilst displaying the utmost professionalism and giving her the advice and confidence to give evidence in the best way possible. His cross-examination technique, expertise and his confidence is what won the case in the end. Highly recommended! Thanks again Michael. Great result”

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