Omran Belhadi

In the age of social media and increased digital presence, your privacy and the rights to your personal data are crucial.

If you are an individual or a company with a data protection or privacy issue, I am happy to advise you whether on the phone or in writing. I have advised:

  • A man who wanted his youth cautions deleted from police databases. I drafted his application and it was succesful;
  • A man who wanted wanted advice about whether police had breached his rights by reporting his arrest to the local news;
  • A man whose criminal record was not updated for nearly a year, following an acquittal at the Crown Court.

I have advised individuals on how they can obtain their personal information from those who hold it and ensure it is lawfully processed.

If you want representation and advice on a data protection or privacy matter, do not hesitate to contact me.  


My approach

I will provide you with comprehensive, cost-effective service. I will provide you with clear and frank advice without any regard to my own interests or the interests of others. Once you hire me as your barrister, I am there to advise and represent you and only you. 

I am always contactable within working hours, whether by email, text message or phone call. I am here to make the process easier for you and answer any and all questions you may have. My hourly rate is £150 + VAT. I consider a working day to be 8 hours but I operate half-day rates (£500 + VAT) and whole day rates (£1,000 + VAT). The cost of my services is something I am happy to discuss with you.

My pricing is fair. I charge according to the amount of work involved in your case and the complexity involved. 

About me

I speak several languages to an excellent standard including French, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish and German. I studied law at the University of Warwick. He spent a year abroad, studying law in Lille, France and Saarbrücken, Germany.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing football. I would enjoy watching more it if my team--Manchester United--were more effective.

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