Penny Maudsley

I am a barrister who practises in all areas of healthcare professional discipline and regulation defending practitioners before their regulating bodies such as the General Medical Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council, Health and Care Professions Council and General Dental Council. 


My approach

I like to speak to the client as soon as I receive the enquiry to firstly, see what the problem is, see if I can help and to build up a rapport with the client. As soon as I can I like to meet with the client and discuss, advise and plan the way forward. I am always available to chat to if the client needs it. I always make a point of answering emails and calls as the client is often very anxious at the prospect of losing their livelihood and needs rassurance. I am able to listen as well as give legal advice.

My work

I like to defend my clinets to the best of my ability. I am approachable and empathetic, having been there myself. Clients like to feel that I understand their case and can fight their corner.

I appeared before the GMC in an obstetric case where my clinical expertise was particularly helpful. A doctor accused of fracturing a fetal skull by incorrect use of foreceps was found to be not impaired. Obstetric cases can be complex and my experience and knowledge is valuable. I also represented a midwife, accused of manny clincical errors. My experience helped guide the client to a favourable outcome, a caution order, which enabled the midwife to continue in practice.

I also represented a nurse who was accused of beating her children with a coat hanger. She received a criminal conviction for assault and was sent to prison. She was struck off the register by the NMC. She appealed the decision to the High Court with my advice and representation the High Court agreed that striking off was unfair given the progress she had made in terms of insight. The case was remitted back to the NMC for reconsideration and the nurse received a suspension order. On review, the suspension was lifted and she returned to unrestricted registration.

Another nurse was struck off the regsiter for matters of dishonesty. The nurse had worked two jobs without the substantive employer being aware of the secondary job. With my assistance, we appealed the decision. The High Court judge agreed that on the spectrum of dishonesty, this was at the lower end and replaced the striking off order with an order of suspension. On review, the suspension was lifted, and the nurse returned to unrestricted registration.


About me

I came to the Bar having had a career as a nurse and a midwife within the NHS. My clinical knowledge and experience of both nursing and midwifery are useful tools for my medical and regulatory law practice at the Bar.

I advise clients charged with a wide range of misconduct matters such as dishonesty, inappropriate sexual behaviour, clinical errors, conviction cases, health cases, incompetence/deficient professional performance, English language and fraudulently procured or incorrectly obtained registration.

I have significant experience in representing clients at interim order hearings, fitness to practise hearings, review hearings and restoration hearings.

I also advise on appeals from decisions of the regulating bodies and has appeared on behalf of clients at the High Court on appeals as well as the County Court on registration appeals.



What my clients say

'Thank you Mrs Maudsley, thanks especially for your outstanding performance during the hearing and I have decided to introduce you to lot of friends who are in the nursing field.Whatever the outcome will be, I hope you continue to stand with me even up to the highest court in the land.' Joseph, London.

Barrister Penny Maudsley “Thank you very much” for providing me such an excellent advice and support during my ARCP appeal process. She was exceptionally professional, she was kind to listen and very generous with her time to produce an exceptional report for argument during hearing appeal which eventually ended up with favourable outcome. She was very approachable, attentive and tirelessly hardworking but most importantly very empathetic as I was in very stressful time in my life. I couldn’t have done it without her help. I would highly recommend her and the firm. 5 stars.

Dr C.P, Yorkshire.

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