Philip Engelman

I act regularly in the more general areas of Employment law, such as unfair dismissal, breach of contract, discrimination, TUPE as well as contractual claims and injunctive relief in the High Court.

I acted for Unite’s Convenor in the Grangemouth dispute between Unite and Petroineos, in which interim relief was obtained, reinstating the Claimant. The case was settled at trial. I am currently acting on behalf of Unite in the Remploy litigation, which concerns the closure of all Remploy factories, which had been set up to employ the disabled. I am acting in an equal pay multiple – Abraityte v 2 Sisters Food Group. I acted recently for a well-known theatre critic who was dismissed by the Sunday Express – Shenton v Sunday Express - and in a maternity discrimination case concerning breastfeeding in public at a well-known maternity store – Lunt v Kiddicare. 

I have been heavily involved in many equal pay cases, including Marilyn Brennan & Others v Sunderland City Council & Others, which involved five years’ worth of litigation and concluded in the Court of Appeal. I have been involved in Hartlepool Borough Council v Dolphin; Reddy v Bedfordshire NHS Trust; Birch v Walsall MBC; Pennine Acute NHS Trust v Power; and Prest v Moucher Business Services Ltd.

My work

Here are some cases in which I have successfully represented my clients:

  • Brennan v Sunderland City Council: This is one of a series of cases in which I acted for over 1,000 claimants seeking equal pay before the Employment Tribunal. It ran for more than 130 days. There were numerous appeals to the Employment Appeal Tribunal and Court of Appeal. Ultimately, compensation was obtained for my clients running into the tens of millions. It was a landmark case and has been relied upon in many other cases of equal pay since. 
  • Balchin v JELF: My client claimed disability discrimination against a major insurance broker for whom he worked. The Claimant was dismissed on the grounds of failure in performance of his duties. The Defendant called various senior employees and Directors to support their case. It was successfully shown that they had ignored the fact that he was depressed. Substantial damages were awarded to him. 
  • In Mark Lyon v Petroineos, I acted for Unite’s Convener in a substantial dispute over the Grangemouth refinery. The case was highly political. Unusually, we succeeded in obtaining an order for Interim Relief – reinstating the employment and ultimately succeeded in obtaining substantial damages. 
  • In Unite & Others v Remploy Ltd & Another, I am acting on behalf of 1,600 former employees of Remploy who used to provide factories for the disabled. The case is listed for trial for a month in June 2016. 
  • In Trina Lowe v Hammonds Furniture Ltd, I acted for Trina who was Distribution Services Manager. She complained that she was not being paid the same as other managers and wanted to be paid equally. In the two-week trial, Hammonds, a well-known national furniture manufacturers and fitters, insisted that there was no discrimination in pay. That was disproved in lengthy cross-examination of the Defendant’s senior managers and Directors. Substantial damages were awarded. 

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