Sheila Aly

My combined background in law and coaching makes for particularly strong mediation skills.   My belief is that mediation should be a comfortable experience for all parties, where they feel as if they are being dealt with by a mediator who is neutral, non-judgmental, and who is deeply invested in all parties coming to a conclusion that is a win-win for all concerned.  I have assisted many individuals in mediation for commerical, workplace and family disputes across the world.

In addition, I have also trained hundreds of individuals in mediation in the UK, Portugal, Africa, Canada and Australia and have also written programmes in mediation for schools which I delivered in Lisbon and London. 

In my capacity as a mediation trainer as well as a mediator, I am also often called upon to advice in relation to mediation issues in difficult cases mediators all over the world. As such, I am able to assist in a variety of disputes to help all those involved in mediation to gain clarity through particularly difficult issues.

My approach

I am down to earth, and have been told that I have a knack for explaining complicated concepts in an easy way. I believe in treating everyone that I represent in a way that is both sensitive and professional. I know how stressful situations requiring mediation can be, and I believe that it is my job to make that process as easy as possible for you. I take account of what all my clients want, and we then work together to make sure that you are achieving the best possible results that you can. My past client relationships have meant that I have had the good fortune of getting a lot of my current work through referral and repeat business. 

My work

My services include:

Commerical Mediation (CEDR Accredited)

Family Mediation (ADR Group Accredited)

Workplace Mediation (PMR Ltd Accredited)

Corporate Training on Mediation (CEDR Accredited Mediation Trainer)

About me

I am a great believer that emotional intelligence is an important part of my legal and mediation practices. My additional background in coaching has helped me to not only know how to ask the right questions in difficult circumstances, but to also maintain a non-judgmental attitude, no matter what the issues are in the cases concerned. 

Early in my legal career, I was exposed to certain clients who used to share with me examples of mediation which had not worked for them. This drove me to study, train and engage in mediation so that I could, within my own practice, provide an outstanding example of how mediation should be conducted and to help other mediators provide an outstanding service to their clients. This is something that I remain passionate about, which is why I continue to provide mediation training as well as mediation to individuals. 

My CEDR qualifications in commercial mediation and mediation training was fully sponsored and funded, based on the strength of my skills, and was an opportunity I was headhunted for as part of a worldwide selection process. I have held this qualification since 2013.

What my clients say


“Sheila taught me to see my situation in a different way and helped me to focus on the positive aspects at a time when I could no longer see them. She is very patient and understanding, and gave me the confidence to not only deal with this situation but with whatever comes my way.”

MT, Magic Circle Law Firm Employee, London

Shay has a small arsenal of tools, methods and advice to break down and solve the problems you are experiencing. She took me through a few of her methodologies to help me over a few hours. Shay was able to help me understand where the successes and problems lay and also offered many helpful solutions on how things might be improved.

Simon, Company Director, Bath 

“I recommend to you Sheila Aly. When faced with the complexities of employment legislation, truth is never simple to expose. My experience of Sheila was that she listened and explained and with calm and careful reasoning represented the facts of my case. No gimmicks, no confusion and a strong legal mind.”

Irene Hadley, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Croydon Women’s Aid, London


Professional & academic


CEDR Accredited Commercial Mediator and mediation trainer

ADR Group Accredited Family mediator

PMR Ltd Accredited Workplace Mediator

Diploma in Life Coaching (Association of Natual Medicines)

Leadership Training (Tony Robbins Companies)

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