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A £80 million class action is being taken out against out Foxtons, the estate agency, over alleged overcharging of fees to tenants looking to rent property, according to The Guardian. ... read more
June 29th, 2016
Researchers in Cardiff University have found that in the period following Edward Snowden’ revelations about the CIA there has been an “unprecedented level of government surveillance of citizens”, with “far-reaching, concerning and significant consequences for civil rights”. ... read more
June 28th, 2016
A Court of Appeal judgment last week backing borrowers in a claim against their mortgage lenders was a landmark win for direct access, the process that enables members of the public to instruct barristers directly without having to go through solicitors. The Bar Council has hailed the case as a... ... read more
June 22nd, 2016
Thousands of people are being denied access to justice because of onerous court and tribunal fees, according to the justice committee of MPs.  ... read more
June 21st, 2016
Nick Singer is an employment barrister.  He has been involved in countless unfair dismissal and discrimination cases, many of which went to Tribunal. Here he gives some helpful tips for disciplinary officers in organisations both large and small.      ... read more
June 20th, 2016
In response to a statement by the Legal Services Board that came out in support of the idea of paying McKenzie Friends for their work, the Chairman of the Bar, Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC, has explained why unregulated, unqualified and uninsured individuals should not be paid for helping litigants in... ... read more
June 9th, 2016
Should barristers wear wigs or should they not?  Wigs are so much part of tradition that you would think that there is no question about it.  However, it is causing controversy. ... read more
June 6th, 2016
While employment lawyers await the outcome of a government review of employment tribunal fees, research by the conciliatory body Acas suggests one in five cases were withdrawn as a result of the “off-putting” fees, according to The Law Society Gazette. ... read more
June 3rd, 2016
Everything you always wanted to know about the English legal system is published in a new “Visitor’s Guide” to the judicial system of England and Wales (which is the complete name of the jurisdiction). ... read more
June 2nd, 2016
An investigation by the consumer rights magazine Which? has found that some big companies who resell tickets in the secondary market are “routinely breaking the law”. The accusations are made against Viagogo, Get Me In, StubHub and Seatwave, all of whom, it is alleged, have breached the Consumer... ... read more
June 1st, 2016


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Foodles Production (UK), a production company that worked on Star Wars, is to be prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive following an injury to one of the film’s leading actors, Harrison Ford, during the filming. posted on February 15th, 2016
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A banker employed by HSBC has brought a claim in an employment tribunal on the grounds of racial discrimination which he says entitles him to £15 million. posted on August 18th, 2015