Sami Rahman

I accept instructions in most areas of commercial and chancery practice and  am experienced in these areas of law, having undertaken work in these areas through the whole of his time at the Bar.I am experienced in dealing with claims concerning (but not limited to); Directors duties and diaqualification, Public Procurement - local and central, Insolvency - Private and Company, Buiding claims in the Technology and Construction Court, Fiduciary duties, Intellectual Property, Creditors rights, Shareholders rights, Factoring agreement, Franchising agreements, Partnership disputes, General commercial contract disputes, Arbitrations, Mediations, Claims in respect of guarantees and securities, Consumer law (taught this area of law) and Professional Negligence.

My work

Please Note:  In respect of the names of cases referred in this section, in some instances the names have been changed either on the basis that the case is ongoing, subject to confidentiality arising out of a settlement or that I have not been able to obtain consent from the client, which I would try and obtain as a matter of courtesy before making references to their case.

  • NA v S builders: Manchester Civil Justice Center (2014): Technology and construction: 1 week trial re: quality of building works
  • P v Official Receiver and HMRC (2014) High Court London: Application for annulment on the basis that the debt has been cleared but also the petition ought not have been granted. The issue being an incorrect amount of some £80,000 that P is not responsible for
  • 5 Claimants v Firm of Solicitors (2014) :  Claim against a firm of solicitors arising out litiigation where their claims were struck as result of failiure to comply with directions and failed attempts by solicitors to obtain rellief from sanctions
  • S a company v D Car Hire (2014) : High Court: application for an injunction re a winding up petition where liability for the debt is disputed.
  • A solicitors v B solicitors (2014) : Failed merger or sale of solicitors: claim and counterclaim on the basis of repudiatory breach (not paying the full purchase price) and dealing with clients in beach of the agreement and misrepresentation, recession.
  • Re: Interest rate swaps (2014) ; advice re: various multimillion pound interest rate swaps.
  • DG v Z:  Building dispute (2014) : At the heart of this claim is the question of variations/additional work and the contractual mechanism to agree these: the
  • GHLM v Maroo & Others [2012] EWHC 61 (Ch).  A fiduciary & directors duties case in which, Item Software Ltd v Fassihi [2004] EWCA Civ 1244 was considered.  The counterclaim survived despite that the Defendants were in breach of their duties pursuant to s172 of the Companies Act.
  • Dhami v Lloyds TSB Insurance.  Court of Appeal (2009).  Sami represented the Appellant who brought an appeal brought on the basis of new evidence not available at Trial.  Ladd v Marshall[1954] 1 WLR 1489 cited.  The claim itself related to home insurance, a contractual requirement to inform the insurance company whether any of the residents had relevant unspent convictions.
  • Whipps Cross University Hospitals NHS Trust v Fredericks Mechanical Services limited & Others [2007] Central London County Court - Technology and Construction.  Claim by NHS trust in respect of heating and pipework.  Sami was instructed by the defendants and part 20 claimant.
  • A Property Management Company v J (2013).  Counterclaim by a former director of Claimant.  The counterclaim arises out of word for the Company by the J after an administrator was appointed to oversee a CVA, in respect of the debts owed to the company, without which the CVA could not have been achieved.  A arguing that Administrator not acting as agent for company amongst other matters.  There is also an application to strike for breach of directions, an appeal to a circuit Judge and an application for relief from sanctions (part 3.9 CPR).
  • A Fast Food company v S (2013).  This is a claim in respect of outstanding claims for arrears of rent and charges relating to company that went into receivership and all its interests, debts and liabilities were then assigned to the new owner who then brought a claim against a former franchisee in respect of outstanding charges and rent under a head lease.  The Franchisee brought a common law counterclaim, but also claims under insolvency rules.
  • Mrs J v Trade Union & Firm of Solicitors (2008)  This was a claim where both a Trade Union and then a firm of solicitors, who were instructed by the Trade union, failed to identify that the  Claimant had claims of disability discrimination as well as unfair dismissal.

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