Jacqueline Perry QC

Jacqueline’s areas of work span contract and tort. She handles commercial matters both in the UK and the US as well as personal injury, clinical negligence, insurance and product liability.

Jacqueline has acted for both claimants and defendants in very high-profile, public interest cases. She has acted for local authorities and insurers as well as received significant instructions from trades’ unions and Government departments, the Police and the Fire Brigade. She has acted for claimants in cases arising out of major disasters, including the original and recent Thalidomide claims and she is instructed in major multi-party matters.

She is highly thought of by her professional clients, who instruct her in the sure knowledge of her thoroughness, fearlessness and sound and sensitive approach to all aspects of her work.

As a qualified and practising Californian lawyer, Jacqueline has consolidated her field of expertise in this jurisdiction and she has successfully litigated in front of civil juries in the California Superior Court in multi-million dollar claims. She is “Of Counsel” at Rufus-Isaacs, Acland & Grantham, Beverly Hills.

In all areas of her work, Jacqueline has frequently successfully pioneered arguments and points of law or practice.

My work

Many of Jacqueline’s cases have been reported over the years, in the law reports, in the Personal Injury Quantum Reports and written up in Kemp & Kemp as well as other publications. Some of the significant reported cases are listed below.

Chewings v Williams [2010]
Serious leg injuries. Risk of deterioration. Possibility of amputation. Whether provisional damages suitable and if so, for what period.

Armsden v Kent Police [2009] EWCA Civ 631
Duty of care of emergency vehicles when answering urgent response calls.

Sahakian v McDonnell [2007] EWHC 3242 (QB)
Causation; contributory negligence; speed contributing to severity of injury and whether this should be a factor in the negligence of driver.

Daniels v Metropolitan Police Commissioner [2006] EWCA 1622
Costs dispute arising out of very late service of evidence.

Chester v Afshar [2005] 1AC 134
Autonomy of patient when doctor seeking consent for surgery.

Bacon v White 1997
Fatal diving accident and issue of contributory negligence of novice diver.

Lewis v Osborne 1995
Value of a mother’s services following her death in RTA when vehicle driven by claimant’s father.

Birch v Hales Containers 1992 (CA)
Early decision on admissibility of surveillance evidence – when appropriate.

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