Nick Singer

I am a specialist in employment and discrimination law. I have over 10 years' experience of advising employees in the full range of legal issues that happen in the workplace. I have an excellent track record in helping my clients to win their cases or to resolve their legally-related employment problems to their advantage.

I fully understand the range of unfair and unlawful things that can happen to you at work. For example:

-        you might be on long-term sick leave or disabled and your employer has not provided the allowances to which you are entitled;

-        you might have young children and your employer is not taking your requests to work part-time seriously;

-        you might be the subject of unjust disciplinary action or be discriminated against on the basis of your race, religion, disability gender or age 

I have successfully advised and represented clients on all of these issues (and more) helping them win their cases in Employment Tribunals. Having attended hundreds of Tribunals, I have a really good understanding of how tribunals work and how to argue my clients’ cases before tribunal judges.

I have represented many different types of employees in all types of work.  My clients include solicitors, secretaries, a signalling expert, a nursery assistant, a chief executive, a paramedic, a cleaner and a doctor. Whoever you are and whatever you do, you can be certain that I will look after your best interests and give you the best legal advice.

Please be in touch if you would welcome a free, no obligation consultation.

My approach

I know that, for most people, taking employment advice doesn’t happen very often and that the process can be daunting. So whilst I will provide professional and frank advice, you’ll find a friendly human being as well as someone who will deal with your issue sensitively. I am approachable and reasonable (please see the recommendations, below).

I enjoy dealing with and getting to know my clients, either directly or on instruction from solicitors.

This article explains why I am in favour of direct access.

My work

If you come to me with your employment problem, I can assist you in many ways: -

1. Write to your employer to make sure they listen to your genuine concerns and that they are not able to ignore your rights; 

2. Negotiate strongly on your behalf to ensure that you get what it is due to you;

3. Accompany and represent you at any disciplinary hearing in which you may be involved; 

4. Give you advice on the strength of any claim, how much it might be worth and the best way to obtain a successful outcome for you; 

5. Draft Tribunal documents; and

6. Attend and represent you at Tribunal hearings

Costs: I can offer a free, no obligation consultation.  After that, I will let you know what your cases involves and how much I will charge.  My fees are very competitive and you can be assured that you will get excellent value for money.  I want you to be satisfied with my service at all times.

I have successfully represented clients in many employment cases.  Here are some examples of cases in which I have represented employees:

*        I represented the Claimant in a case where, as a result of bad advice by a solicitor, she failed to put in a claim to the Employment Tribunal in the stipulated three months’ time period after leaving her employment. I successfully argued, on appeal, that her claim could proceed.

*        I won £300,000 for my client in her case against her former employer, which involved sex discrimination and race discrimination. There was a Judicial Mediation which led to the settlement for my client.

*        I successfully represented someone who was the victim of racial discrimination winning them several thousand pounds in compensation. 

*        I won £160,000 for my client in his case against his former employer, which involved age discrimination and unfair dismissal. There was a Judicial Mediation which lead to the settlement for my client. 

About me

I became a barrister after studying history at Cambridge University. I did a law conversion course at City University (receiving a commendation) and then did the Bar Vocational Course at the Inns of Court School of Law (where I was marked out as “very competent”, putting me in the top 15 per cent of the year).

I trained and then secured a permanent tenancy at my current Chambers, 42 Bedford Row.

When I am not working, I enjoy playing cricket, football and the drums and being with my family.

I have volunteered at my local charity Drugsline.

For further information you can check out my website - 



What my clients say

‘Nick’s approachability, professionalism and robust advocacy skills sets a level of service which is tough to match’ – Emma Thompson, Partner of Employment Law, Thackray Williams Solicitors

‘Upright, professional, knowledgeable and very approachable are the words that I would use to describe Mr Nick Singer. His counsel and guidance steered me to a very satisfactory remedy in the case against my former employer. Nick was very capable and more than up to the challenge I presented, he is the man you want fighting your corner. I have no hesitation in recommending Nick Singer’ – Graham Gould

‘The letter that you wrote did the trick as following the appeal meeting I was offered a two day per week position, which was a great result for me.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Thank you for your help.  I will be sure to recommend you to any friends who find themselves in a similar position’ – Mrs B

'We would like to thank you for your timely advice and assistance through what was a difficult time for us. Your opinion was easily understandable and went straight to the issues that mattered, with practical solutions' - Mr and Mrs C upon settling their claim 






Professional & academic

Degree: MA Hons from Cambridge University, 2.1 in History

Post Degree: Commendation on the Common Professional Exam from City University and Very Competent on the Bar Vocational Course 

Awards: I have been awarded two signficant awards by Gray's Inn for excellence. 

Memberships: I am a member of the Employment Law Bar Association and the Employment Law Association. 

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