Peter Wareing

I have extensive experience in Fraud matters, ranging from simple benefit fraud to complex fraud on businesses and which experience includes cases where the perpatrator of the fraud has submitted fraudulent invoices from seemingly bona fide Companies, examples where bogus accounts are used to syphon off legitmate funds and 'top-slicing' of invoices.

I also have experience representing those accused of fraud and have achieved much success with those clients by filleting out seemingly minor details which go on to become fractures in the prosecution case and which result in the collapse of trials.

My work

  • In a recent case, I worked closely with a man accused of fraud and, with slow persistence, managed to unpick details of the alleged fraudulent transactions to show that the accused had all along intended to deposit the sums and balance of the disputed transactions into his Directors Loan Account at the Company's year end, which took away the rationale for the intention he was said to hold and which fundamentally undermined the prosecution case to the extent that they withdrew the case, offering no evidence.
  • Conversely, in a case where I represented a large inductrial conglomerate, I worked closely with the finance team to uncover a long-term, sophisticated and systematic defrauding of the employer by a member of that team who had set up a supplier on the payment systems some years before which had systematically and repeatedly submitted low level invoices for non-existent services for which he had received the benefit, as he was the ultimate beneficiary of that Company, despite not appearing at Companies House on the register of Directors. His interest was via a nominee Company registered in Jersey. He was prosecuted and jailed.

What my clients say

"I obtained the details of Peter Waring through the mybarrister website. Peter provided to our company accurate counsel in support of a complex commercial legal matter. Presenting legal arguments to us in plain English in both a reliable and timely manner. He was supportive throughout the whole process including in preparation for and in attendance in court, where he compendiously presented and articulated the salient points of our claim, including an incisive cross examination of the other sides witness, which resulted in a full judgment in our favour. Knowledgeable, helpful and plain speaking."

"We were introduced to Mr Wareing in December 2015 via my direct barrister. We found Mr Wareing to be highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and his service to us as litigants in person highly valuable.  A silent assassin in Court. Mr Wareing is easy to talk to and listens intently to his client.  Mr Wareing has become a dear friend over the months and has always given us his
undivided attention in regard to our case, a gentleman at all times and we have been well looked after throughout the whole of the proceedings.
We would recommend Mr Wareing without hesitation and would like to thank him for his kindness and thoughtfulness that he has shown to us both." - Beverley and Michael Allen

"Mr Wareing is a most expert and knowledgeable barrister and an invaluable support regarding legal and procedural matters of the law. More importantly, he is kind and generous with both his time and expertise, a credit to his profession. I feel very fortunate that he was my counsel and have no hesitation in recommending him for any legal matters you may encounter."

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