Sunil Rupasinha

Are you at risk of losing your driving licence?  I understand the devastation that loss of licence can cause with its effects on work and family life.  Genuinely my speciality is saving driving licences (as you can see at

I've 25 years of experience during which I have helped literally hundreds of motorists to save their licences and keep their lives on track.  I adopt a friendly approach giving clients sound and straightforward advice.

If you are at risk of a disqualification through speeding, ‘totting’ (reaching 12 penalty points on your licence), or through any other  motoring offence prosecution, and whether you wish to plead ‘Guilty’ or ‘Not Guilty’ I have the specialised knowledge and experience of road traffic cases to obtain the best result your circumstances will allow.

My approach

  • When we discuss your case the first telephone conversation is free whilst I assess how I can help you.  Then fixed fees are quoted (payable in advance).
  • I give friendly and straightforward advice.  I am on your side.
  • You deal only with me.  Once I agree to appear for you on any given date I commit to dealing with your case.
  • I am flexible:  when we discuss your case we can meet face to face, or at an agreed location, or we can talk either on Skype or by telephone.   I am agreeable to meetings outside of normal work hours in some cases.
  • I am based in the South East but can and do appear in courts all over England and Wales.
  • If you instruct me to appear in court on your behalf I will fight ‘tooth and nail’ to obtain the best possible result.

My work

I have always done motoring offence cases.  When I started out as a junior barrister I often appeared on behalf of clients of the AA.  Typical cases in which I appear are those of motorists who face a driving disqualification for speeding or because they are ‘totters’ (they have reached 12 penalty points on their licences).   I will advise clients on how to gather the evidence they need to have the best chance of succeeding  in court (see 'what my clients say' – below).

I can represent you if you are accused of any of the following:

  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Speeding
  • Drink driving or drug driving offences /  failure to provide specimens
  • Failing to stop or report an accident
  • Driving licence or insurance offences
  • Using a mobile phone
  • Any other road traffic related offences
  • If you have been convicted in a Magistrates’ Court and wish to appeal against conviction or sentence I can represent you.

If you are pleading ‘Guilty’ I specialise in avoiding driving bans especially in the following situations

  • Speeding or ‘totting up’ (where you have reached 12 or more penalty points on your licence)
  • Where you are arguing that ‘special reasons’ exist
  • Any other road traffic matter

About me

I have a wife and 3 children.  I attended university in Cardiff where I was elected to the students’ union executive.  I found I liked public speaking.  This fondness for advocacy led me to qualify as a barrister.  I have spent 25 years in London Chambers practising in the full range of criminal courts.  I was promoted to the ‘A’ list of the Attorney General’s list of advocates in recognition of my ability as a top level barrister.

What my clients say

You can read reviews of my work left independently online if you copy and paste this link:

Lucy faced a ‘totting ban’

‘I can thoroughly recommend the services of Sunil Rupasinha if you are facing a driving disqualification. He provided an amazing service and got me off a six month driving ban that would have caused me personal and professional disaster. He knows the system back to front, is a reassuring support throughout the process and a brilliant advocate in court. I didn't know I was a "model citizen" until I heard Sunil's plea on my behalf based on the detailed "mitigation bundle" he helped me put together in my defence. I now have cause to thank Sunil every day that I am still driving (very carefully, of course!)’ 

Lucy McCarraher

Publisher and Author

Norwich, Norfolk.


Liam was caught speeding at 127 mph

‘I was caught speeding at 127 mph ...which resulted in a fine and 6 penalty points..Most importantly I was not banned from driving.  I have no hesitation in recommending Sunil and consider it was a very prudent investment to engage his services.  My advice to anyone who is potentially at risk of losing his licence – this is the man who may well prevent that and save your livelihood.’           12th December, 2016


Liam Yewdall,

Farmer, Middlesborough



Phil had been speeding in excess of 100 mph and faced a driving disqualification and consequent loss of job

'I very highly recommend Sunil (Kent Traffic Law) who recently represented me in court regarding a speeding case. I received a driving ban, but it was hugely reduced in time due to the guidance and professional service that he gave. I go as far to say that Sunil saved me not only a huge fine but more importantly my Job. A very professional service, I would highly recommend him.'

Phil Smith, marketing executive, Surrey  (9th March, 2017)


Abdul faced a driving disqualification

‘ I instructed Sunil Rupasinha as a direct access barrister.  In the end, having also consulted a solicitor, I found that he was the only one who, from the very beginning, gave me honest and straightforward advice.  This was followed up by an excellent plea in mitigation in court.   If you get the chance, instruct him for your road traffic matter.’

Abdul Mohamed, 2nd March, 2017


Nicky faced a speeding ban

‘I was caught speeding at 118mph.  I am a pharmacist and require my driving licence for my job.  As soon as I contacted Sunil I found his advice to be expert and pragmatic.  He advised me of the documentation I would need to prepare my mitigation.   At court he expertly conveyed my case to the best possible effect.  He secured a fantastic result:  I was not disqualified at all! He was not cheap, but, he was excellent value for money.’

Nicky Patel, Walsall


Aaron faced a speeding ban

‘I engaged Sunil Rupasinha to represent me when I was caught speeding at over 100mph. I am the Managing Director of Costplan Services Ltd, Quantity Surveyors, and I could not afford a driving ban as I would have been unable to meet all of my contractual obligations to manage all of the sites under my control which are located throughout London and the South East. Therefore, it was essential to avoid a ban if at all possible. Sunil met me well before the case was due in court to prepare my mitigation. When the case was heard he persuaded the court that to ban me would cripple my business. To my surprise I was not disqualified at all. If you engage Sunil you are engaging a consummate professional who will, judging by my own experience, obtain the best possible result for you.’   

Aaron Tomsett

Costplan Services Ltd

Ashford, Kent.


Henry faced a speeding ban

‘Sunil took time to have a proper meeting with me in advance of the hearing to thoroughly prepare.  The way he handled himself in court was fantastic.  I could not have asked for better representation.  Sunil’s service and advice on my road traffic matter has enabled me to continue with my business as a mobile motor mechanic’.

Henry Coombe, Westerham, Kent.


Clients who faced speeding bans

‘I have arranged Sunil’s services for clients who have come to me with matters involving speeds in excess of 100mph and where driving bans would have been expected. With Sunil’s expertise in traffic law he achieved the best possible results for my clients who were truly ecstatic with the outcomes. I would not hesitate to recommend Sunil’s services to anyone facing road traffic offences. He puts clients at ease, is always available for meetings, maintains a level head in court and has consistently produced amazing results for clients! Thank you Sunil.’

Russell Burton-Lawrence, Edenbridge, Kent


Client who faced immediate imprisonment

'Sunil represented me in a case in which I pleaded 'Guilty' to causing a crash whilst 3 times over the drink drive limit.  I then made off from the scene.  He was superb throughout and his skilful mitigation meant that I avoided a sentence of immediate imprisonment.  I am very grateful that we have a system where we can instruct barristers as able as he is.'  (name withheld)


Kevin faced a speeding ban

‘I had driven at 103 mph and faced a driving disqualification in court.  I was very concerned as a disqualification could have meant I would lose my job.  I saw Sunil in conference.  He advised me what documentation I required for my mitigation to be seen in the best light.  At court I pleaded ‘Guilty’ and watched Sunil present my mitigation.  He was brilliant.  I was not disqualified at all.  I thoroughly recommend his services to anyone requiring a specialist road traffic barrister.  In life you get what you pay for.’

Kevin Knight, Commodities Trader,  Surrey.


Laura had failed to provide a specimen of breath:

‘I was referred to Sunil Rupasinha as a specialist road traffic defence barrister.  He gave me simple, honest and straightforward advice.  He presented my mitigation effectively and clearly secured for me the most lenient sentence possible.’


(Laura was sentenced by way of a 1 year driving ban and an absolute discharge ie no fine or costs were imposed.)


Laura Postle, Medway Towns


Non driving matters:

'Sunil represented me in the Magistrates' Court as I was unhappy with the solicitors I had previously instructed.  He met me in advance of the hearing and explained everything to me.  I had confidence that my case was in the hands of an expert.  At trial Sunil was just too good for the prosecution witnesses.  He outsmarted them and won my case.  He even obtained a costs order for me.  Brilliant from start to finish. If you get the chance instruct Sunil to defend you. 

Mahesh Jariwala, Middlesex.'


Clive faced allegations of common assault

‘I instructed Sunil Rupasinha in preference to criminal legal aid solicitors who were not taking my case seriously.  Sunil helped me to prepare my case thoroughly.  His performance in court was superb.’

Clive Coombes, Company Director, Southampton


'I have been given the Barrister "Sunil Rupasinha". My court hearing was today and I won the case. Thanks for providing me, Sunil Rupasinha. I found Mr Rupasinha  very committed and professional as he dealt with my case very professionally.

I could not win my case at all without him.  Thanks

Kind Regards,

Khurram Butt.'

Professional & academic

LL.B. Hons Cardiff University

Bar Finals taken at the Inns of Court School of Law, Holborn, London.

Member of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple

Member of the South Eastern Circuit

 ‘A’ list on the Attorney General’s List of Advocates (for over 10 years)

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