Jeremy Dable

Solicitors, barristers, legal executives, para legals . Allegations of poor advice or omissions in property, construction and commercial transactions, conveyancing, landlord and tenant, easements, boundaries, covenants, failure to draw up wills leaving disappointed legatees, and plain wrong advice and drafting in, finance, mortgages and consumer credit matters. I also attend to the partnership and director’s indemnities and contributions which often precede or follow, together with procedures of interim injunctions and winding up applications where necessary and appropriate.

Architects, Surveyors Engineers and Valuers

Missed defects, reckless valuations, and certifications, catastrophic collapses- I advise, draft, prosecute defend or mediate. 

What my clients say

Dear Mr Dable,

It was really pleasant to meet you and I was really happy with the way you defended me. You were highly professional and successful in getting me positive results in situations where it was unlikely. I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends, as you get the job done exceedingly well with precision and efficiency. 

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