Forz Khan

Having prosecuted my first case in 1989 and having worked on my first criminal case in 1984 I can genuinely say that I bring a wealth of experience to all my client’s causes. 

I have the experience of a QC – but without the huge price tag. 

I have won cases when the other side had a QC & a junior barrister and I was on my own.

I have held the role of leading Counsel in both The Crown Court & Court of Appeal.

If you want a highly skilled, war scarred tactician who will work  hard to get you the result you want, then I am the barrister you need.

I will not charge you for our first consultation, You have nothing to loose. Pick up the phone to me and I will let you know where you stand at no cost.

I have successfully prosecuted in:
The Court of Appeal
The Crown Court
The Magistrates Cour

My approach

I am very thorough and well organised. The aim is to win. We thus work as a solid unit. 

I travel to see my clients locally, nationally & internationally.

I use IT. Skype, Email, Conference-Calling, WhatsApp & phones are used to make communication more effective.

Costs - I usually set fixed fees, so that you know exactly how much you will have to pay before the work starts. My clients much prefer this

My work

Private prosecutions are undertaken from the very outset when a magistrate’s court information is drafted right through to trial & appeal.
Examples of private prosecutions I have been involved in include;
•    Acting on behalf of a husband when the wife had made false allegations against him.
•    Acting on behalf of a family when their in-laws had made unlawful threats.
•    Acting on behalf of a party to litigation when the other side had told lies in their evidence.
•    Acting in a family matrimonial dispute when one side told lies to get an advantage.
Chambers frequently advise on the evidence, which charges to bring and the prospects of success. Evidential bundles are prepared to ensure that all clients build a strong evidential case in order to start a private prosecution with a successful outcome.

Remember – You can apply to get your costs back.

About me

I have been a barrister for more than 30 years. 

I am both Direct Access & Litigation Qualified by both The Bar Council & The Bar Standards Board. This means you do not need to pay both a solicitor & a barrister. I can fulfil both roles but you pay for only 1 lawyer.

Coming to me will save you time, effort, energy & money.

I worked at a solicitors firm for 4 years so I know exactly how they operate.

I worked on my 1st murder in 1991. I worked on my most recent murder in 2018. 

I have also done cases involving;
•    Terrorism
•    Hijacking
•    Fraud
•    Multiple rape
•    Drugs
•    Perverting the Course of Justice
•    Conspiracies

What my clients say

“Forz could not have been more helpful with my case. It was an incredibly stressful time for me, but his professionalism and empathy was invaluable in preparing for my day in court. I could not recommend him more highly”.
Ms. V. D-M. – London

During the course of the trial, a “no case to answer” argument was presented by the defence. It was at this stage that Mr. Khan’s case prep was put to the test and was plain to be seen and recognised as to the amount of time Mr. Khan had spent in preparing for this case. Furthermore, the additional evidence requirements identified by Mr. Khan during the early stages of the proceedings were key to securing a conviction in a difficult and complex case”. Mrs R.I - Manchester

“A first class service with excellent professionalism. Throughout the six months of overseeing my case, I was informed in detail of every action and possible outcomes. This helped greatly in reducing any anxieties I had regarding my pending case. I was grateful for the reassuring support and confidence of Forz who ultimately delivered on the favourable outcome which he had advised would be the most likely outcome. I will use Forz again in all my future Counsel requirements and I would absolutely recommend his chambers as the first point of call for anyone else”.
Mr K. - Chartered Accountant & Businessman, London

This letter is a formal recommendation for Forz Khan for winning our criminal court case. Forz worked on our case for over six months and during that time he was an exemplary lawyer.
From my experience as a client, I found him full of confidence, articulate and outstanding in and out of the courtroom. 
On the trial day, Forz Khan was extremely thorough in his due diligence and he outshined the prosecution. I have nothing but praise and recommendation for him. Words cannot give my appreciation justice.
Forz Khan was superbly efficient, well versed and professional. His foresight on all matters on my case was truly remarkable. I owe the success and victory of my case to the dedication, professionalism, and perseverance, which Forz Khan showed in handling my case.
I would like to express my personal thanks for the way Forz Khan kept in touch with all the developments in my case and provided support and advice which led to a brilliant conclusion. I would choose Forz Khan again if need so in the future and I will always recommend Forz Khan to others for handling any sort of case.
Mr S. M
Criminal Law Client

Professional & academic

I studied for my LLB Honours Degree in Law at Queen Mary College, The University of London – 1984-1987

I did my Bar Finals Exams at The Inns of Court School of Law – 1987 - 1988

I was called to the Bar in 1988 by Middle Temple

I taught undergraduates studying for the LLB Honours Degree in Law at University level.

I am a member of The Criminal Bar Association.

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