Christina Nicholas

I relate very well to the clients,I offer a free first interview in which I assess the suitability of a case in accordance with the guidelines of the Bar Council.  I also assess the merits and the amount of work involved.  On this basis I prepare the Agreement specifying the type of work to be done and the price thereof.

What my clients say

"Just recently, Christina Nicholas won our appeal against the Home Office in their decision to reject my spouse’s visa. My wife and I feel very fortunate to have had someone so sincerely dedicated to our case. She thinks critically, and logically while also being supportive, and encouraging. We could not have done it with anyone else. I highly recommend. "  J. O'Connell, London

“ The HO refused my wife a residence card, thus taking away her right to remain in the UK. This was a devastating blow to us, splitting up our family and forcing us to live in different countries. Christina Nicholas gave us the professional help and support we needed in our appeal by explaining legal matters very clearly and advising what we had to do to prepare for the appeal hearing. She was also present on the day to argue our case.  I am happy to report all went well and the HO decision was overturned on the spot and my wife was granted the residence card. I would certainly recommend Christina's professional services as a barrister to give you the support you may need in legal matters.  Michael Curran -- Gloucester   14 June 2017"

Professional & academic


  • Women Barristers’ Association
  • British-Polish Legal Association
  • British-Hungarian Society
  • Institute of Linguists
  • Society of Analytical Psychology


Fluent Polish and Hungarian

Conversational Russian and Slovak

Basic Finnish

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