David Mendes Da Costa

I offer expertise in disputes concerning jointly owned property, this includes issues which arise when a property is registered in the name of one person and another claims an interest in that property arising from a financial contribution or on some other basis. 

These disputes commonly arise between couples who have co-habited but whose relationship has broken down.

Court proceedings in this area are extremely costly and must be avoided if it possible. As a barrister who is able to go on the record and has a sensible and conciliatory approach, I offer a service designed to resolve these issues in a cost effective yet dynamic way. I have found that a key element is simplicity which means comprehensively exploring settlement and if this is not possible taking court proceedings in the most economical way possible.

I have considerable experience in conducting this sort of litigation.  

In the course of my career I have acted in landlord and tenant cases and property cases.

My approach

I am thorough and well organised. Where necessary, I like to thoroughly analyse and agree with my clients at an early stage the best way to approach their case.

Costs: I usually set fixed fees where possible, so that you know exactly how much you will have to pay.

My work

In 2017 I acted for a client in intervenor proceedings in a divorce where a transfer of a property to my client was being challenged. After an 9 day hearing the challenge was defeated, my client’s costs were a small fraction of the other parties.

In 2018 I acted for client had who paid a very large sum of money towards the mortgage of property which was in his then partner’s name. My client had paid over £10,000 to his solicitors who had been corresponding on his behalf inconclusively. Within months of my instruction, his payment towards the mortgage was protected by an interim injunction and a claim issued. The matter resolved shortly afterwards with my client recovering his initial outlay and a further substantial sum. The costs throughout were kept to a minimum. 

About me

I have practiced as a family lawyer and civil barrister since 1980. I have extensive experience at all levels of the court system, whether initial hearing, trials or appeals. 
I now specialise in work as a direct access barrister and as an accredited litigator. I have the Litigation Extension which means that I can go on the record in the same way as a solicitor. 

What my clients say

David’s handling of my divorce financial issues resulted in a very cost-effective settlement in the long run. David took over the ongoing case from a previous barrister and from the first meeting, I knew I had made the right decision, especially with the personal attention he gave the matter and was always easy to contact and have an open frank discussion with.
David’s approach to the case, in addition to addressing the necessary facts and figures, was also focused on how the other party and the judge/court would view the circumstances and situation and plan two steps ahead and to put forward my case in the best possible circumstances and to negate any adverse impact by the other party and the court.
I am truly satisfied with his expert knowledge in Family Law and handling of my case and I can now leave my troubles behind and plan a new life.
Overall, I had confidence in David as my Barrister and that his approach was very comforting.  I would highly recommend him. 

Professional & academic

I was called to the Bar in 1976.  I practised have practiced in the Temple since then family and general civil law, including property. 

I am a fully accredited mediator.

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