John McNamara

John offers honest, reliable advice and strong representation in a wide range of motoring cases. He explores every defence and legal requirement on the police and prosecution to ensure the best result for his clients. He undertakes cases involving:

  • Speeding;
  • Drink driving and drug driving;
  • Disqualification and special reasons;
  • Totting and exceptional hardship;
  • Failing to provide a sample when required to do so.
  • Failing to provide driver information;
  • Careless driving and dangerous driving;
  • Road traffic sign offences;
  • New driver motoring offences;
  • Appealing a driving conviction;
  • Early removal of disqualification.

My approach

John believes his client must be fully understand the court process from start to finish. John will explore every angle of a case to consider if a defence is present in law. If no defence is present John will prepare a structured mitigation package to minimise any consequences of the allegation. Solicitors who have used John have said that: - They are impressed by his preparation of cases. - He has a keen eye for detail. - He provides a comprehensive case strategy. - He demonstrates excellent witness handling skills and cross-examination.

My work

John is instructed by specialist driving solicitors across the country. Some of the cases he has have undertaken include: R v F [2018] John's client entered a guilty plea to being drunk while in charge of a motor vehicle. John persuaded the court not to impose penalty points; the lay client was concerned on the effect of penalty points on his work and work insurance. The court imposed a short disqualification and a small fine. R v TL [2017] John successfully defended a former soldier accused of failing to provide a specimen of breath when required to do so. TL suffered from PTSD as a result of his tour of Afghanistan. The prosecution disputed the defence medical evidence. Defence costs order granted. R v N [2017] John's client was acquitted of failing to provide a specimen of breath when required to do so. John cross-examined police officers at length and adduced expert evidence to show that N suffered with anxiety. Defence costs order granted.

About me

John is straight talking barrister with a track record of success when instructed to deal with motoring cases in courts across the country. His clients have said that John goes the extra mile in his cases. He is a specialist in cases involving totting, disqualification, and running exceptional hardship arguments. He has been successful in numerous drink drive and failing to provide a specimen cases. He has also advised clients about notices of intended prosecution (NIPs), speeding offences and a wide range motoring offences.

What my clients say

Client from Norwich: "Thank you. Without your hard work I would have lost my licence, my business as the owner of a taxi firm and probably my house. The case was so well prepared, and your speech was so good. Thank you again."

Professional & academic

Professional Memberships - Criminal Bar Association (Elected Executive Committee Member 2018 onwards) - Young Fraud Lawyers Association - London Irish Lawyers Association

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