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I have a pragmatic, realistic and honest approach to my client's case to ensure that together we present it in the best possible way. 

About me


My criminal practice covers all areas of crime including Motoring Offences, gang related serious violence, public order disturbances, drug related allegations, serious fraud, domestic violence and sexual offences including rape and serious sexual assault.

Murder and Serious Violence

  • R v F- multi-handed murder in which the defendants were accused of fatally shooting the deceased following his objection to their continued efforts to deal drugs in his neighbourhood.
  • R v P: S18 wounding by glassing. P, a 35-year-old single parent, was accused of smashing a glass bottle across the face of her victim during a heated argument about her promiscuity after a night out clubbing in East London.
  • R v A: Multi- handed drive by shooting in West Croydon.
  • R v T: Racist attacks. T, a white working class disabled defendant with numerous previous convictions was accused of attacking his daughter’s Caribbean partner with a samurai sword in a racially motivated assault.


Sexual Offences

    R v W:  41 count historic sexual abuse across 20+ years against 4 complainants in the same family in which D pleaded guilty to 9 counts

  • R v D:  D was coerced by the vigilante group ‘Dark Justice’ to engage in sexually explicit conversations with ‘Marco’ whose Grndr profile suggested that he was a 14-year-old student.
  • R v Y:  Three counts of stranger rape in which the complainant was a heavily intoxicated 18-year-old;
  • R v G:  G charged with grooming of a young neighbour and possession of indecent images;



  • R v D: Conspiracy to supply £3m cocaine


Financial crime

  • R v O: Fraud £1.2Million diversion fraud
  • R  v D: Fraud.  D charged in black money fraud in which he allegedly defrauded a wealthy international trader of large amounts of cash.
  • R v G: G and her three co-defendants were accused of a conveyancing fraud.
  • R v S:  Internet fraud in which a vulnerable and lonely 72-year-old Australian widower was stripped of over 100,000 $AUS of assets in a ‘psychologically sophisticated operation’.
  • R v D: D ran a storage and removal company and was charged with offences associated with disposing of £200k+ of his customers’ property whilst continuing to take storage payments for over four years.

What my clients say

'The way he performed in court for me was honestly just like something I’d seen in a film, instantly putting me at ease, and confident of the outcome. With his expertise, and candour, we got a suspended sentence,. When all of the guidelines pointed to a custodial sentence…. I will be here to see my son grow up. Although I intend to never need you again, I will forever sing your praises and recommend you to anyone who needs legal counsel’. Mr DG West Midlands

"Good morning, I would just like to say thank you for your guidance, support and reassurance with the court case on Friday 12th November, I really don't think my daughter could of walked in there not knowing you would be by her side , in her words you were amazing and after 18 months she was listened too ,and can finally move forward with her life and the childrens, thank you again regards Deborah."

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