John Brown

I have a background in drafting and advising on contracts and procurement tenders.  

As well as working in the UK and EU I have also worked in the Far East and the USA on contract negotiations and disputes 

I can offer specialist advice and advocacy services on all areas of Commercial and Contractual disputes

If you are negotiating any business contracts I can attend any meetings to act as your legal representative.

I can advise on construction contracts under NEC3 or JCT, sports and media contracts, shareholder agreements, non disclosure agreements, contracts for goods or serviices and consultancy agreements.

I have the experience to assist you, allowing me to manage the process for you with the minimum amount of fuss and stress.

Be a winner, be informed and have a trusted professional behind you. 


My approach

Under Direct Access I can offer you the same legal services which a High Street Firm of Solicitors can provide to you in preparing your legal case from start to finish. As well as being able to appear for you in any Court or Tribunal.


Whilst I can also save you at least 35% on your legal fees

I will always give a 20 minutes free initial consultation over Phone, Skype or Zoom.

My work

The following may result in civil litigation through the Courts as Small Claims, Fast Track, or Multi Track cases and each of these have costs implications:

Debt Claim or Defence; Civil Injunctions;  Bankruptcy;  Contractual Disputes;  Consumer Rights;  Negligence;  Landlord and Tenant Disputes;  Boundary Disputes;  Breach of Contract;  Defamation and Slander; and  Wrongful and Malicious Prosecution Claims — we can pursue compensation claims against the police and other prosecution authorities (e.g. Customs and Excise,  RSPCA) when a prosecution has been brought against you without reasonable cause.

SMALL CLAIMS have a different regime, as any claim under £10,000 is deemed to be a small claim and this means you are unable to recover legal fees should you succeed.

I offer a value for money service to assist you with various elements of a small claim or can deal with the whole claim for you.

About me

I was called to the Bar in 2000 - I am based in the North East between Durham and Newcastle. Most of my work in Courts is from Newcastle across to Carlisle then down the M6 to Liverpool and across to Manchester then back up to Leeds and York. I am willing to attend any Court in England or Wales if you meet my travel costs and of course if you only need written advice or help with paperwork on your case i can assist no matter where you are located. I am qualified to do Litigation which means i can deal with every aspect of your case from the very start to the end, or if you  wish i can be instructed only to attend hearings and you would then do all the preparation on your case yourself.

What my clients say

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Professional & academic

BA Hons Law and PhD Arbitration

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