Ms. Leslie Millin

Leslie specialises in all aspects of employment law in the ET, the county Court and the High Court. She also specialises in inquests and personal injuries. In addition to private organisations and individuals, she is instructed for and against NHS Trusts and Borough Councils and high-profile commercial entities (including financial services providers).

My work

Employment law

Leslie specialises in the law on employment, including equality, whistleblowing, unfair dismissal, holiday pay, worker status, breach of contract, restraint of trade and TUPE.

She has succeeded in many high value claims, acting on behalf of Claimants but in addition has successfully defended many cases on behalf of Respondents, including private organisations, NHS Trusts and Borough Councils. She is also instructed on large union backed cases. She recently succeeded in a TUPE claim obtaining in excess of £100k for the Claimants and another TUPE claim obtained £72k in compensation.

She has recently been instructed on a case where the Claimant has a claim in excess of £1million but also represents Claimants who have smaller claims against Respondents.

Leslie is a member of ELAAS and frequently is instructed to appear in the Employment Appeal Tribunal. In December 2019 she was instructed in three appeals in the EAT and earlier in 2019 obtained permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal.

She also drafts documents and advises on employment issues including advising and attending some internal disciplinary proceedings for various organisations.

Leslie's recent notable successes in the Employment Tribunal include:

  • Mr James Samuels  v  Claritum     
    Unfair dismissal
  • Malgorzata  Szalkowska  v  HC ONE Ltd       
    Whistleblowing/Unfair dismissal
  • Ms Ayasha Khatun  v  Winns solicitors           
    Redundancy/SOSR/Unfair dismissal


  • Ms Rybanska  v AA   
    TUPE/Unfair dismissal
  • Mr Astley  v  AA   
    TUPE/Unfair dismissal
  • Mrs Kane  v  AA 
    TUPE/Unfair dismissal
  • Mr Richard Proctor  v  1.  Warwick Estates  2.  Verto HR   
    Disability discrimination
  • Mr Usiade  v  Royal Borough of Greenwich     
    Disability discrimination
  • Ms Agatha Ovonlen - Jones  v Royal Brompton Hospital   
    Disability discrimination/Race discrimination/Unfair dismissal 
  • Conduit v Rosalind Hill Chapel    
    Remedy hearing
  • Walters  v  YMCA St Pauls         
    Unfair Dismissal
  • Mr Z Huang  v  China Unicom (Europe) Operations Ltd   
    Unfair Dismissal


  • D Byass. V. Consol Partners Ltd
    Defended claims of age,race and sex.
  • Barton v Becks Plumbing
    Defended claim of constructive unfair dismissal
  • Grange(Whitefield). v Mr Joseph
    Obtained permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal
  • Ms Jones. v. Open Age
    Claims of unfair dismissal and sex discrimination struck out
  • Russell v. Inter talent music
    Unfair dismissal and remedy hearing
  • Ms Paersconek v. Szampion Ltd
    PH on jurisdiction to ET for hearing

Reported cases 2019:

  • Mr Adedeji v Birmingham Hospital NHS Trust
    EAT on jurisdiction
  • Digital Communications v Charles Scully
    EAT remitted definition of a worker to ET
  • Ms Mahbooba. v. Wilson Barca LLP & Ors
    EAT on personal injury award in discrimination claim


  • Ms S Mahbooba v Richard Barca & Ors
    Represented the Claimant involving 21 claims of harassment related to protected acts
  • Soil Instruments Ltd v Mr King Mason
    Committal Application in the High Court QBD
    Represented Mr King Mason who was ordered to pay costs only.
  • AA v Asda Ltd
    Harassment claims related to disability
  • Ms Wysocka v DWHA Ltd
    Defended claims of sex and race.


  • Costa v ICIUK Legal
    Claim of unfair dismissal
  • Witts v Worcs Council
    U/D in case remitted from EAT
  • Boyle & Ors v NMC PLC & Ors
    Represented 8 Claimants in TUPE fragmentation claim
    Remedies award in excess of £100k
  • Mr Foster v Eve Taylor (London)Ltd
    Defended a claim by self employed person claiming worker status

What my clients say

  • “Thank you so much for representing me in this matter. I feel fortunate to have been represented by you. You have exceeded my expectations.” Claimant represented by Leslie in twenty-one discrimination claims of race, sex and age against an employer.
  • “Thank you very much for today. I feel blessed. I really could not have asked for a better Counsel. Deep gratitude from the bottom of my heart.” Claimant represented by Leslie in discrimination and constructive dismissal claim against an employer.
  • “Thank you for all your hard work in this case.” Instructing solicitor in TUPE case where Leslie succeeded on behalf of several Claimants.
  • “As you can imagine I have been on cloud nine since last week and have had congratulations from people from all over the place, so many thanks for your representation last week…….. you did an epic job.” Claimant represented by Leslie in an unfair dismissal claim which was remitted back from the EAT to the ET where the Claimant succeeded.

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