Website set up for tenants to leave feedback about letting agents

A City of London worker who was fed up with being misled about the state of flats he was renting in the capital has set up a website to allow other tenants to comment on the properties they have rented. Like a Let enables people wanting to rent to check issues including damp, noise levels, neighbours, heating and parking, and also rate agents, property managers and trade services.

In the style of TripAdvisor, the site allows landlords and agents to respond to reviews and upload pictures to show people they are improving conditions.

Ricky Chard, who has started the site, rented in London for six years and said he found himself in situations with agents where he felt “taken advantage of” but felt powerless to do anything. He said he did not want the site to be a “place for people to vent their anger” but somewhere to “encourage improvement”.

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