Using a Barrister

What Can myBarrister Do for You?

Your chosen barrister is an expert who will advise you quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively on your legal problem. There are a few things that you’ll need to do yourself, and you may need a solicitor at certain points, but your barrister will guide you through the entire process.

Your Personal Legal Representative

Your barrister will act as your personal legal representative, working with you to resolve your legal issue. 

The Real Benefits of Using myBarrister:

Barristers are often the best place to start when you have a pressing legal issue because they're:

  • Specialist: Barristers specialise in particular areas of the law that they know inside out. That's why solicitors involve them when they need expert input. Barristers deal with cases like yours every day.
  • Practical: Barristers are focused on rapid action, whether in court or when giving astute advice in time-critical situations. 
  • Good value for money: Your barrister will be self-employed with few overheads. Because they pack a huge amount of action into a short amount of time, you'll find them a lot less expensive than you imagine.
  • Fast and clear: Using a barrister feels completely different to using many solicitors: you'll feel the energy and see things happening fast. Barristers respond quickly, so you won’t be kept waiting to hear from them. They also explain things clearly.

... but I thought Barristers Were Expensive?

Barristers are self-employed and have fewer overheads, so they can offer good value for money. You pay for one expert, not an extended team.

By planning the best approach, you save time and money down the track.

By coming direct to a barrister, you avoid paying a solicitor.

Although every case is different, using a barrister is generally the best way to get high quality at the right price.



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