Contractual Disputes

What are contractual disputes?

Contracts dictate our lives.  Almost everything we do involves a contract of some description.  When we buy things in a shop, we have a contract with the store, so the store has a contractual obligation to supply us with what we buy of a certain quality at the price quoted.  A marriage is a contract. Being a member of a club is a contract. Asking a plumber to fix your taps is a contract.  You have contractual arrangements with the suppliers of your gas, electricity and water.  If you are going on holiday, you may have booked your holiday with a travel company – that is a contract.

A contract can be written or verbal – that is, even if you have not actually signed a document, but you have just agreed to do something with someone else verbally, that is still a contract.  The difficulty with verbal contracts is that it is not always clear what the terms of the contract are. Nevertheless, they are still contracts that are enforceable in law and include rights and obligations on the part of those who have entered into the contract.

Because our lives are dictated by contracts, as sure as night follows day, there will be problems that arise from contracts. Problems often lead to disputes, with one side or other to the contract disagreeing about what was agreed or whether one side has failed to “perform” their part of the contract.

What should you do if you have a contractual dispute?

If you have a dispute arising from a contract that has not been resolved amicably, you may well need legal advice about what you should do. myBarrister can put you in direct contact with a barrister who is an expert on Contracts and can advise you on where you stand and what you need to do to resolve the dispute.  

Where you have a dispute, you may also consider mediation as a cheaper and less stressful way of resolving the dispute. Your barrister can advise you on the mediation process.

Why choose a barrister?

Your barrister will help you resolve your legal issue more quickly, more efficiently and often at a lower cost than a solicitor. Your barrister will be able to advise you on everything to do with the legal aspects of your problem, can advise you on the strength of your case and draft legal documents, and use his or her advocacy skills to represent you to the highest standard in any court, tribunal or hearing. 

Choosing the right barrister for you

If you need expert advice on a legal issue, choose a barrister on myBarrister. Look through the profiles of the barristers on myBarrister and you will find one or more barristers who will have the right expertise to advise you.


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