Family & Relationships

Do you have a family or relationship legal problem?

Families and relationships are evolving in range, nature and format. The laws affecting people’s families, relationships and any children they have are many are often difficult to understand, especially when relationships fall apart. How do you know where you stand?

If you have a family problem that you think needs legal advice, myBarrister can help put you in touch with a barrister who will advise you quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

What family law questions can I get advice on?

myBarrister barristers include experts on the full range of family law issues, including divorce, separation, cohabitation and civil partnership law:

- Divorce

Your barrister will be able to advise you on the legal procedure to get a divorce, how to get a judicial separation (where the two parties separate but do not get divorced) or to end a civil partnership. They can advise on cohabitation disputes. They are also experts on advising on mediation.

- Financial questions

Almost always, the first issue that arises in any divorce or separation proceedings is how the two partners resolve their financial situation. Reaching a financial settlement may require careful legal analysis and skillful negotiation, which myBarrister barristers can provide.

- Child support and child custody

If the two partners whose relationship has broken down have children, this may give rise to issues of custody, parental visits and child support. We can put you in touch with a barrister who can advise you on how best to deal with these issues. They are experts in advising in what can be distressing and emotional situations.

- Father’s rights

The rights of divorced or separated fathers to get access to their children are fraught with difficulty. myBarrister barristers will be able to advise you on how best to resolve issues of access and residence.

- International divorce

The UK has become known as the “divorce capital of the world”, as people in broken marriages in other countries want to resolve their disputes in English courts. myBarrister barristers have experience of advising on international divorce and can advise on the best course of action to those who do wish to pursue Court proceedings in the UK.

Should you consider mediation?

Going to court isn't the only way in which you can resolve your family law dispute.  Couples and families might be better off trying alternative ways of resolving their arguments, such as mediation. Mediation can save you significant time, money and stress. myBarrister can connect you to specialists in mediation who can help you to reach a timely and cost-effective solution.

Choosing a barrister

If you need expert advice on a family law matter, choose a barrister on myBarrister. Barristers will provide you with guidance so you that you know where you stand and can take the right decisions about what to do next.

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