How myBarrister works

myBarrister uses sophisticated marketing techniques to bring individual and business clients to our website. Clients search for and browse profiles of barristers on the website. We take no commissions or referral fees, and the service is completely free to the client. 

What then happens:

Either, the clients identify the barrister or barristers they think are best qualified to solve their legal problem;

Or, clients call the myBarrister call centre directly, explain their problem and ask for recommended barristers. The myBarrister call centre identifies three suitable barristers whose expertise matches the requirements of the client [on a randomised basis] and contacts them with the enquiry. 

Please note that all enquiries are routed through the myBarrister call centre to ensure:

(i)    that the client is put in contact with the most suitably qualified barristers, matching the barristers’ expertise with the client’s particular legal problem;

(ii)    that the client understands clearly how the barristers will be able to assist; and

(iii)    that the client understands that they will need to pay for the service provided by the barristers they choose to assist them. 

Once contact is made, you agree all terms and costings directly with the client. myBarrister plays no role in this or in the management of the ongoing case.