Testimonials from Barristers

Our barristers have received a considerable boost in the number of enquiries they have received.

Here is some recent feedback:

“For me, as a sole practitioner without a chambers to get me work, myBarrister is the perfect portal to link me directly with clients needing specialist assistance in the areas of law I cover. myBarrister does it with such professionalism that it is a pleasure both to be recommended and to follow up the many leads provided.” 
- Peter Wareing
"I have used MyBarrister since the start of 2015 and can honestly say it is one of the best professional decisions I ever made.  A couple of the best aspects are in my view as follows:
  • The subscription fees are a fraction of the revenue generated.
  • The MyBarrister team delivers exceptional service and enables you to avoid some of the frustrating initial administration tasks normally association with direct access work.
  • There is no obligation to take on any of the work offered.
  • The service enables you to take on exciting and varied work in a variety of areas, which, when looking to expand your horizons and develop your practice, enables you to gain valuable experience. 
In summary, I would strongly advise any barrister with capacity for extra work to try MyBarrister.  You will not be disappointed.
Barnaby Hope, 5 Pump Court Chambers
“MyBarrister took a good few months before work stated coming through. The effort was working with the team to create a good profile. Once that was done I have not looked back. As Head of Chambers  I highly recommend MyBarrister to all our members”
Sean Middleton, Middleton Chambers


‘I have been delighted to work on the My Barrister website. They are always very professional ensuring I have enough information to make contact with the client. The clients are also well briefed on how the Direct Access scheme worksVery pleased to endorse them’
Nick Singer 42, Bedford Row
“Whilst there are many people thinking about how the Bar can take advantage of new opportunities, myBarrister is out there getting the work in”
Zachary Bredemear, 1 Chancery Lane


"I have now had a case courtesy of the site that will generate a significant fee, so I will be telling my colleagues about this excellent and fast return on my investment." 
Dirk van Heck, Company & Commercial Barrister, Malins Chambers 
"You saved my life..... I am SO grateful"
Lesley Longhurst-Woods
Thanks for the document. It is really helpful, particularly emphasising the need to make contact quickly by phone, then following up with an email. I also hadn’t realised My Barrister would also undertake a follow-up chase with an enquiry, which is an amazing service.
Rob Kileen
'I signed up with My Barrister a couple of years ago.  I have not regretted it.

They have continued to provide me with useful leads for the type of work

I wish to do. They are always helpful and on the ball.  I recommend them.'
Sunil Rupasinha