Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to pay?

The subscription to myBarrister is: £100 + VAT = £120.00 per month

How do I pay my subscription?

You pay by direct debit form. Please complete this form [insert hyperlink] and return as indicated to us.

Is my subscription allowable against tax?

Yes. It’s an allowable business expense, which will reduce the cost to you by your top tax rate. 

Are there any further charges that I have to pay?

No.  myBarrister takes no commission or percentage, and there are no further charges of any kind. 

How long is the subscription period?

You can terminate your subscription and membership whenever you want without having to give notice.  However, please notify us if you do stop your subscription.

Do clients have to pay?

No. The service is completely free for clients to use.

Who can join myBarrister?

Any barrister with a current practising certificate and who is qualified for direct access can join myBarrister. 

How is myBarrister marketed to clients?

myBarrister uses a highly sophisticated advertising marketing programme to bring myBarrister to the attention of potential clients via the internet, social media and business networking platforms. 

How do I build my myBarrister profile?

Your profile is your window to the world.  The better your profile, the more leads you will attract. Read the guide on how to write your profile here and watch the presentation by the myBarrister Director of Communications, Humphrey Keenlyside, here. If you have any queries, please contact Humphrey Keenlyside by email, who will be happy to help you write your profile.

How many specialisms can I choose?

You can choose up to three specialisms, but please note that we count some specialisms as one, including:

-    Construction/Adjudication

-    Employment (Employer)/Employment (Employee)

-    Immigration (Business)/Immigration (Individual)

-    Insurance (Business)/Insurance (Personal)

-    Insolvency (Corporate)/Insolvency (Personal)

-    Mediation (Business)/Mediation (Personal)

-    Planning (Commercial)/Planning (Residential)

-    Property & Housing/Landlord & Tenant

How do I upload my profile to the myBarrister website?

When you register, myBarrister will create three blank specialisms on your page for you to complete.  Or, we might partially complete your profiles, based on your Chambers profiles. 

Once you log in, you can edit text in the boxes for each section of your profile.  Please complete all sections and remember to press Save at the bottom of the page.  If you have any problems, contact Humphrey Keenlyside, who will be able to assist.

Can I edit my profile at any time?

Yes, you can make as many changes as you like, as often as you like. 

Why do I have to enter my location?

We present clients with a shortlist of barristers who specialise in their issue and who are nearby.  Clients often like to meet their barrister, so it sometimes makes sense to offer them nearby barristers.

If your practice is national, and you are prepared to travel, please click on ‘Any Location’.

Do I need to add a photo to my profile?

Definitely. Profiles with pictures get a better response. It’s easy to upload a photo, but if you have any concerns, we can do this for you.  Choose a good photo of yourself, and make sure you look approachable, intelligent and helpful.

How does the ‘keyword search’ function work?

Clients will use this feature to search for what they specifically need. Our search engine then looks for these terms in the barristers’ profiles. You should make sure your profile contains the terms that you think clients will use when they are searching for a barrister to advise them.

Can my clerk manage my myBarrister account?

Yes. They can use your username and password if you give them permission. You are responsible for the security of these details.

Will I be charged commission on any converted case?

No, you won’t.  myBarrister works on a subscription basis for the barristers.  After you have paid your monthly subscription, myBarrister does not make any additional charges and we definitely do not take any commission on leads you convert into cases. It is our hope and intention that your subscription fee is only a fraction of the fees that you will earn from myBarrister. 

How does it work when a client contacts myBarrister with a request to find a barrister?

All enquiries, whether by phone or email, are routed through the myBarrister call centre.  We do this (a) to find out more about exactly what it is the client needs, (b) to direct them to a choice of barristers who have the expertise in their particular legal problem (c) to explain that they will have to pay for the barrister’s services (and that myBarrister does not play any part in the negotiation of fees) and (d) to screen out time wasters.

How many barristers will be contacted with each lead?

We will send out leads to three suitable barristers at the same time.  It is then up to each barrister to respond to the enquiry.  The client will be faced with a choice and can choose whichever barrister he or she is best. Remember that you will be competing with other barristers on price as well as quality.

Note, however, that if a client wishes to pick just one barrister, they can do so.  This may happen when they have used one particular barrister and wish to use that barrister again.  Direct access instructions are not just one-off events; you can win repeat business.

Can I communicate with the call centre directly'?

Yes, Harry Pitcher is our head of communication and will always be happy to discuss issues with you at any time. In fact, we aim to establish good relationships with all our barristers to offer a personal service to help you in your practice.

How do I contact the client after I have received the details from your communications department?

By email or, ideally, by phone as soon as you receive the lead – even if only to acknowledge receipt and say you will be in touch again very soon.

What is the best way of dealing with direct access clients?

Every barrister will have their own way of dealing with direct access clients.  However, we have a series of recommendations based on our knowledge.  We strongly recommend you read Harry Pitcher’s Top Six Tips for Dealing with Direct Access Clients (available only to our registered barristers). 

How does this affect my relationship with Chambers?

Many of our barristers have signed up as a group, in full discussion with their chambers management. Others have signed up as individuals. Mybarrister is a complementary service to barristers and chambers: we simply provide an additional flow of work.

Can I monitor traffic to my profile?

Yes. You will have a personal dashboard where you can see who has contacted you and what search terms have been used to find you.  There’s also a record of all contact forms that have been sent to you, so you can monitor your response.