Corporate Lawyer

You own a business.  Or you are the chief executive, managing director, human resources director or chief financial officer of a business.  Your business could be small and growing or it could be big.  The common link is that, every day, you will be faced with many issues all of which are to do with the law in one way or another.  The law is at the root of all business. That is why there are many corporate lawyers who specialise in business and commercial law.

It is almost certain, also, that in your business you will face legal problems that need solving.  It could be an employment issue, or a contractual matter, or to do with property or premises. Most of these issues are day to day matters which are dealt with during the course of business and don’t present any problems.  

But what happens if you have a difficult legal problem?  For example, an employee has started a grievance procedure; your supplier has failed to honour a contract; a customer is complaining that your product is defective; a competitor has stolen your invention; your landlord has served notice on you to vacate the premises with no good reason. Any number of things can go wrong where you need good legal advice to inform you of your rights and to give you the confidence to know what to do.  If you have a big dispute that is escalating into litigation, you will need a corporate lawyer to defend you or to take your case forward.

The best advice is: see advice from a barrister who is an expert in corporate law as soon as possible, because it will save you money in the long run.

Why use a barrister?

Why use a barrister rather than a solicitor? Barristers are best placed to draft legal documents, advise on formal proceedings and use his or her advocacy skills to represent you to the highest standard in any court, tribunal or hearing. Above all, as experts in the law and with experience of knowing how cases turn out in courts, barristers will provide you with exact guidance so you that you know where you stand and can take the right decisions about what to do next in any legal matter.

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