Anthony Korn

I offer over 30 years experience in employment and discrimination law. 

I regularly appear in employment tribunals and in the Employment Appeal Tribunal. 

I can also advise on all aspects of employment and discrimination. I can advise and draft claims, advise on disclosure and draft witness statements, review and advise on contracts of employment and advise on compensation claims. 

Prior to commencing my practice as a Barrister in 1996, I worked for two leading firms of solicitors. I also previously worked at a Legal Advice Centre for nearly two years. 

I have lectured on all aspects of employment law and authored numerous articles and two books published by the Oxford University Press. I contribute to Jordan’s Employment Law Manual. 

I have had numerous reported legal cases and was included in the list of Barristers who has had more than 13 reported cases in the Industrial Relations Law Reports. 

I am a member of the Employment Lawyers Association and sit on its Legislative and Policy Sub-Committee.  

My approach

I am very thorough and well organised. I am direct and straightforward and strict about meeting deadlines.  I have experience of dealing directly with clients without solicitor involvement and try to express myself clearly and free of legal jargon.  

I am prepared to travel to my clients, although I would charge the costs of travel and travel time, therefore it is normally more convenient and cheaper to meet in my chambers. 

I do not offer a ‘free’ initial consultation but I will assess whether or not the case is suitable for direct access before accepting any work and at each stage of the process.  

Costs: I usually set fixed fees payable in advance of each piece of work I do so you know exactly how much you have to pay at each stage of the process.

My work

Over the last year, I have represented clients in :-

(i)    A Redundancy dismissal involving a client who had worked for the Company for more than 15 years and was dismissed shortly after it was acquired by another company when he had been assured that the acquisition would not lead to redundancies. There were a failure to consider other employment opportunities within the Group;

(ii)    A disability discrimination dismissal where the individual had been injured in a road accident and his employers terminated his employment on capability grounds without giving him sufficient time to return to work;

(iii)    A dismissal arising out of outsourcing by a local authority and the transfer of the outsourcing contract to a new contractor, the issue being whether the new contractor or the old contractor was responsible for paying the enhanced redundancy payment;

(iv)    Advising on the enforceability of post termination restrictions on confidentiality, competition and prohibitions on dealings with customers and clients;

(v)    Settlement offers under statutory settlement agreements. 

About me

I have practised as a Barrister since 1996 having previously worked at a legal advice centre and for two firms of solicitors. 

I can advise on all aspects of discrimination and employment law. I have a particular reputation for ‘whistleblowing’ claims and all types of discrimination claims. 

I can advise on the tactics and settlement negotiations.

I can be instructed on a direct access basis, although there are some limitations on what I am allowed to do.  

What my clients say

I have been described by clients as “intellectually top notch”, “good at grappling with complex issues” having “an encyclopaedic knowledge of employment law” and “very thorough”. I have been described by others as a "leader in my field".

Professional & academic

I studied at Magdalen College, Oxford.

I was called to the Bar in 1987.

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