Forz Khan

Expert in Planning Enforcement issues before the Magistrates & Crown Courts

Mr Khan successfully defended his first planning law criminal case in 1990 when defending a substantial property company.

My approach

With a no-nonsense, expert, friendly and down-to-earth approach, I have been praised by solicitors, barristers, judges, clients and their families.

1.    I offer free initial telephone consultation – 07854 109 584. 

2.    I am available to discuss matters 24/7 at weekends and evenings. 

3.    I travel throughout the country to advise and represent clients. 

4.    Skype / Telephone / Web-Cam conferences available.

My work

•    Successful defence of the Managing Director in a carbon monoxide poisoning trial.

•    Successful defence of a major water company involving serious pollution charges.

•    Successful defence of property owners in respect of breach of statutory regulations.

•    Successful defence of an international flag carrier airline against breach of import regulations.

•    Successful in obtaining a 5 figure wasted costs order against a local authority prosecutor following a successful submission of no case to answer and acquittal on every charge.

•    Successful in the Court of Appeal in charges concerning food contamination in one of London’s largest restaurants.

About me

1.    Based in London, England, having been Called to The Bar in 1988 by Middle Temple and worked in a central London solicitors firm part-time from 1984-1988.

2.    Experience of undertaking a broad range of matters from individuals, business owners, corporations, governmental bodies and foreign governments and their agencies, both domestically and from around the world including advising, drafting and representing in trials, appeal courts and tribunals. 

3.    Mr Khan has been instructed as Leading Counsel in The Crown Court, The High Court & The Court of Appeal.

4.    He has given seminars and lectures to Barristers, Solicitors & Legal Executives as well as giving presentations to global and national corporations at senior director level. 

5.    He has taught law at university.

6.    Mr Khan is qualified to take cases directly from the public. He was fully approved in 2010, by both The Bar Council & The Bar Standards Board, to be Direct Public Access qualified. 

7.    He is further fully approved  to undertake all types of litigation by both The Bar Council & The Bar Standards Board.

Vast Experience

•    Experience wins cases.

•    I was Called to The Bar in 1988.

•    I have over 34 years of trial experience in addressing judges and juries.

•    I did my first case in 1985. This gives me a clear advantage above others. 

•    I have the experience of a QC - but without the expense of a QC. 

•    I have won contested trials when both Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel have been on the other side and I have acted on my own.

•    If you want to get the result you want then look no further.

My clients tell you how good I am. 

•    Please see my testimonials (below)  from clients who have relied on me in the past – and been glad that they did.

•    If you want to win you want me on your side. 

•    I am a very tough fighter, who will leave no stone unturned to secure a victory.

•    I have vast experience which I have used to great effect in cross-examination, forensic analysis, destruction of the prosecution case and the securing of not guilty verdicts. 

•    I have secured acquittals at Magistrates Court, Crown Court, High Court & Court of Appeal level.

What my clients say

Ms V. D-M. – Commercial Client, London

"Forz could not have been more helpful with my case. It was an incredibly stressful time for me, but his professionalism and empathy was invaluable in preparing for my day in court. I could not recommend him more highly".

Deniece E Lines - Solicitor & Partner, London

"Forz Khan is an excellent lawyer with an appreciation of what matters to the individual client. His practice is professional and efficient. I have found him a pleasure to work with and would not hesitate to instruct him in the future".

Mr K. - Chartered Accountant & Businessman, London

"A first class service with excellent professionalism. Throughout the six months of overseeing my case I was informed in detail of every action and possible outcomes. This helped greatly in reducing any anxieties I had regarding my pending case. I was grateful for the reassuring support and confidence of Forz who ultimately delivered on the favourable outcome which he had advised would be the most likely outcome. I will use Forz again in all my future Counsel requirements and I would absolutely recommend his chambers as the first point of call for anyone else".

A Bhailok - Solicitor & Senior Partner, Lancashire

“I particularly enjoy attending his trials and make sure I am present for the closing speech in which Mr Khan excels in turning around the most hopeless of cases, as a number of my defendants have themselves discovered. Mr Khan has particularly excelled himself in a number of regulatory matters that I briefed him on getting excellent results on highly technical points of law and thus securing acquittals when the facts warranted convictions. I particularly recall 2 cases, one a counterfeiting conspiracy and the other a company charged with planning breaches when the prosecution offered no evidence having read Mr Khan’s skeleton arguments on the law. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to you whatsoever”.