Paul Considine

I have a wealth of commercial world and Bar experience of negotiating, drafting, advising and litigating all manner of contracts whether between  businesses or a business and government department (or other public body) and contracts for businesses supplying consumer goods and services. I also advise on specialist contracts such as those between shareholders, partnerships and contracts for trading with (or memebrship of) unincorporated associations such as sports clubs and similar organisations. If you need someone to negotiate and draft a contract or advise on termination or support you in a Contractual Dispute I can assist.  I also specialise in contracts concerning technical products such as software and complex hardware items and intellectual property, design or construction of buildings, process and manufacturing plant and commercial products where my engineering and design background often proves invaluable.

I understand from long experience the myriad of problems thrown up by contracts of all types for a wide variety of services and goods and a wide variety of business relationships. I will work with you to achieve the best contractual outcome or solution to your contract needs or contractual dispute problems. Whether your contract is big or small, complex or simple, made as a business transaction or for your personal needs, whether domestic or international, I can help achieve your goal by providing a confident, cost effective and professional service.

My approach

Whether it is assistance with drafting a contract or advice on your rights under an existing or proposed contract or pursuing a dispute in or out of court I will work closely with you to identify your objectives and an affordable solution to your needs.

If your contract matter is in dispute I appreciate that win or lose the case more often than not presents a serious threat to my clients livelyhood and or reputation and I aim to help my clients avoid any negative consequences of litigation (or Abritration and Adjudication) whenever possible.

I take a collaborative approach to working with my clients and any of their other professional advisors and adopt a can do attitude when engaging with a case.

I always aim to be thorough in every way, especially in drafting court documents and preparing a case for trial. I keep a close eye on my clients budget and seek appropriate instructions before incurring costs outside of the agreed budget for my own work. 

I see it as an issue of great importance that I understand as far as reasonably possible the case and the client (and the others side) in order to effectively assist my client in balancing all the risks and cost burdens the case presents before taking the agreed cost effective steps to resolve the matter.

If I think your case or any issue is not worth pursuing or has come to a point where you should seek a settlement I will advise you of this as soon as possible.

My work

Examples of contractual matters I have dealt with:

  • Drafting web site terms and conditions for a car parts supply business.
  • Advising on supplier performance under a techincal service contract for a district heating scheme
  • Defence to a breach of franchise agreement and infringement of intellectual property rights in a claim re a Hostel business
  • Defence to a claim for breach of agreement to sell shares in a restaurant business
  • Advice on breach of a partnership agreement
  • Breach of a Director's Gaurantee for security of a commercial lease.
  • Recovery of debt for non-payment and breach of a worldwide distribution agreement
  • Enforcement of a foreign judgement for contractual debt.
  • Arbitration Agreement re UK product support and maintenance of US supplied technical goods.
  • Software supply agreement and support services
  • Drafting terms and conditions for an Agency based online image library.

About me

My legal and ADR practice is supported by over 30 years of  pre-bar experience in industry and commerce including 17 years as a consultant Chartered Engineer, Company Director of a Consultancy Practice and 9 years as a Commercial Claims Consultant across a broad range of industries (oil & gas, nuclear, manufacturing, food & beverage, space, rail and the public sector commerce). My consultancy work covered the design and delivery of engineering and technology projects including R&D, design, build, commissioning and support activities as well as commercial contracting and complex contract dispute resolution on large scale government projects in the IT and Technology sectors and on civils infrastructure projects.

Prior to commencing practice at the Bar following a pupillage in Intellectual Property my considerable experience and technical skill was recognised when awarded Chartered Engineer status by the Institute of Electrical Engineers in 1992 and Chartered Physicist status by the Institute of Physics in 1993. I went on to study for the Bar applying my commercial and technical background and achieved an outstanding grade in Intellectual Property at the BVC.

I have specialist experience in software development contracts and related services and has spent many years dealing with very high value complex IT disputes in government department IT outsourcing projects involving safety & business critical software developments and data protection issues. My experience in commercial matters includes outsourcing contracts, confidentiality agreements, guarantees, R&D collaboration agreements and complex contracts for technical projects. I have previously held security clearance whilst working on nuclear and government projects.


Professional & academic


BEng Hons in Electronic Engineering

Chartered Engineer [1993]

Diploma in Law  [Called to the Bar of England And Wales by the Inner Temple 2005]

Certificate in Arbitration (Chartered Institute of Arbitrators)

Accredited Mediator: ADR Group and Regents College London, School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology

Professional Associations:

Member of Intellectual Property Bar Association

Member of TECBAR

Member of COMBAR

Member of the International Nuclear Law Association

Member of the Society for Computers and Law

Member of the Dispute Board Federation (Expert Panel Member)

Member of LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration)

FCIArb - Fellow of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

MIET - Member of Institute of Engineering Technology

MIOP - Member of Institute of Physics