Ryan Clement

I specialise in all aspects of employment law, which includes, amongst other things, unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, 'Whistleblowing', TUPE, discrimination and all matters covered under the Equality Act 2010 (race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage & civil partnership, religion or belief and age), Redundancies, Unlawful Deduction from Wages, Disciplinary & Grievances, negotiate Settlement Agreements. I represent employers/respondents at employment tribunals, at the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the Court of Appeal. I also advise employers/respondents on the merits of a case at each and every stage, including whether or not there are grounds of appeal. Furthermore, I advise employers/organisations on human resource management and good working practices, I write and advise on policies and their implementation, and I provide training on such good working practices. 

I also represent those working for sports’ club for whom various allegations of misconduct have been made whether publicly – such as some former staff of Yorkshire County Cricket Club – or privately, internally or externally, such as representation before the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board)

My approach

I am very thorough and like to make sure I am on top of all cases for my clients well in advance. My first objective is to understand the client’s (and opponent’s where possible/available) full issues and give advice at the relevant stages throughout the process, as I believe that managing expectations is vital and, therefore, it is important to take a realistic view of the risks associated with taking a case to and maintaining it at court.

Once I have received a client's details, I will make contact with the client (by mobile, phone or email) as soon as possible in order to ascertain the facts or issues and to see if and how I can assist. In addition to what I have been told I like to see key documentation, if any. If, having seen the documentation, I feel that I can assist the client, I will propose a course/plan of action for the client to consider. Clients are encouraged to consider and discuss the proposed course in order that we may agree the plan together on which to move forward. Pertaining to employment, I advise my clients/employers/respondents on all aspects of employment law in conference/in a meeting orally and in writing (Advice/Opinion); write/draft my clients' ET3s/Responses/Defences; help write/draft Witness Statements and represent my clients at tribunals throughout the UK, at the Employment Appeal Tribunal and in the Court of Appeal. 

Once I have identified the key factual issues and legal principles these will be used as the basis to run the case as I believe effective cross-examination is fundamental to running a claim in the Employment Tribunal successfully. I will look at the case from both sides so the client will have an idea what the opponent is likely to ask them in court. If the client desires (which I highly recommend for most occasions), I will meet with them and have a cross-examination session to prepare them for the case. As a barrister it is my job to know both sides of the case and have a full and detailed knowledge of any documents on which witnesses might and will rely. I will involve my clients throughout the whole process, including their responses to the opponent's witness statements.

Pertaining to representation of those working – current or former – for sports’ club, I shall arrange a conference to discuss and identify to issues relevant to the allegations in question. Following this, I will propose a course/plan of action for the client to consider and from which we may agree the plan of action together on which to move forward. Once we have a plan, such will be implemented accordingly whether in writing and or, if a hearing, by advocacy.

I am prepared to travel to my clients, although I would charge for the costs of travel.

Costs: I usually set fixed fees, so that you know exactly how much you will have to pay all through/at various stages of your case.

My work

In addition to all aspects of employment work, covering 26 years at the Bar, I have represented a respondent school in a complex case that lasted 5 days, involving a teacher who alleged race and disability discrimination. It was a hard case with which to deal due to its sensitive nature that produced a satisfactory outcome for the school.

I represented the respondent in a case brought by a director of an import company with complex financial issues, which included work abroad. The case brought was unfair dismissal, breach of terms of contract, unpaid holiday and failure to provide written employment particulars. After a conference the case changed significantly, which resulted ultimately in a good result for the client.

I represented the respondent who was the owner of a financial services company. It was a legally difficult case of automatic unfair dismissal as well as unlawful deduction of wages. The case went over a period of 5 day, including cross-examination on complex financial affairs that ultimately led to a good result for the client.

I represented the claimant in a case of unfair dismissal against a High Street bank, which lasted 5 days. The case involved a thorough examination of a complex process for selection for redundancy. My client managed to demonstrate that his selection for redundancy was unfair and, in consequence, this led to a judgment of unfair dismissal.

Recently, as has been well-publicised, I represented two members of staff (from the start of their matter) at Yorkshire County Cricket Club who had been dismissed following high-profile allegations made against the Club. The matter was resolved between the parties: “The Club has acknowledged that it did not follow a fair procedure in dismissing Mr Fisher, resulting in the Employment Tribunal issuing a Judgment by consent, confirming that Mr Fisher was unfairly dismissed on procedural grounds. The parties have agreed terms of settlement, which are confidential.”

In addition to internal matters, I am representing a sports person before their professional governing body.

About me

I have an excellent track record in helping my clients to resolve their legally related workplace problems. See what my clients say.
My main specialist practice area is employment, employment-related fields and representing those in the sporting arena before their clubs or professional governing bodies. Pertaining to employment, I mainly act for respondents, schools, Local authorities, charities, employment consultant firms, HR providers as well as professional firms and small businesses. I have been a barrister for more than 25 years.

I was Called to the Bar in 1996. Prior to this I worked as a Quantity Surveyor in private practice. Later I worked in Construction Management for two multi-national companies. I appear regularly in Tribunals up to the Court of Appeal. Also, I am a trainer and writer on various legal matters. I conduct training for employers/organisations – for profit and non-profit – on employment law, good practices and diversity awareness & inclusion; write/draft staff handbooks; advise on and write/draft policies; I have had many articles on employment law related matters published in legal journals. I am a governor of a maintained school and a former governor of three other schools; one was a non-maintained special school providing for profoundly and severely deaf children and young people from all over the UK; one was a local maintained school; and one was as a Trustee of St Joseph’s Specialist Trust, which is a co-educational residential and day school catering for children with complex and severe learning difficulties who are on the Autistic Spectrum.

What my clients say

Ryan is very professional, knowledgeable and very approachable. His counsel and guidance steered me to a very satisfactory remedy in the case. Throughout the matter, he kept me informed and grounded. He was very supportive during very difficult times while maintaining unparalleled professionalism. Ryan was very capable and more than up to the challenge I presented, he is the man you want fighting your corner. I have no hesitation in recommending him. - Christopher Green – Comtran Ltd

The art of oratory and advocacy has the ability to continue to move, persuade and be admired. Today I watched Ryan at work. Very Impressed! - Paul King – April King

I cannot recommend the services of Conference Chambers enough. The team are both friendly and professional and helped me through my employment tribunal of 2018. Nothing was too much trouble for either party if I had a problem. A truly outstanding service. - Jon Sly

I was a claimant and client of Conference Chambers with regard to a matter of civil litigation. During a difficult and testing period he kept me reassured at all times of my legal position and the financial implications of my case. - John Field – John Field International

We are delighted to have been able to work with Conference Chambers who are supporting us in updating our Staff Handbook and Policies. More importantly however, their advice enabled us to manage a delicate HR situation effectively and the support provided by Carole and Ryan was invaluable. We would highly recommend that any organisation looking for legal or HR support contact Conference Chambers. - Lynne Laverty, Centre for ADHD and Autism Support.

Conference Chambers have had a real impact on the Voluntary sector in Hillingdon, putting on free training and providing HR expert support is the sort of corporate interaction the sector needs - Rob Burton, Director, Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services (HAVS)

Professional & academic

I was called to the Bar in 1996. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). I have a Masters degree in Law (LL.M); a BA (Hons) in English Language & Literature; and a BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying.