How myBarrister can help small businesses

For many small businesses, legal costs are a burden they could well do without.  If they are in contractual dispute with another company, or have employment issues to resolve, or are faced with any number of legal issues that crop up regularly, small businesses will require legal advice.

Conventionally, they will instruct solicitors. But, for many matters on which the company simply needs legal advice, they have the option of going direct to the expert lawyer – the barrister. Barristers will be able to advise on the legal rights and wrongs, and, if the case goes to a hearing, represent the company in court or at a tribunal.

Solicitors, of course, also have “rights of audience” ie the right to represent clients in most courts as well as tribunals.  However, for small businesses it can be more cost-effective to instruct a barrister direct.  Barristers are self-employed and generally have lower operating costs than many solicitors.

So how should small businesses find a barrister that is right for them?  This is easily done through the myBarrister website (, on which a range of barristers offering expertise in some 60 different legal specialisms present themselves in profiles.  Would-be clients are able to search for barristers that have the skills and experience that is right for them.  

Further assistance in the choice of barrister is available through the myBarrister Call Centre, which can further help clients in directing their enquiry to the right barrister.  Each enquiry is directed to three barristers, to give the client choice.

Increasingly, instructing a barrister through the “public access” route is the valuable, cost-effective solution for small businesses.

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