Former banker claims £15 million in racial discrimination claim

A banker employed by HSBC has brought a claim in an employment tribunal on the grounds of racial discrimination which he says entitles him to £15 million.

Habib Kaya Biber, who was employed as an investment banking global sector head, claims that he was discriminated against because he is a Muslim. He says he was treated differently from other colleagues and awarded lesser bonuses.

HSBC denies the claim. Anya Proops, representing HSBC, accused Mr Biber of lying in his witness statement and of being a compulsive liar. She said he had lied to HSBC about a laptop he claimed to have lost for eight months after leaving it on a train in Switzerland, but which he had actually kept, which he admitted.

Ms Proops said: “What we infer is you didn't just lie to your employer, you didn't just lie to the Swiss rail authorities, you even lied to your own solicitor.”

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