Woman wins £100,000 payout from noisy neighbours in an apartment block in west London

A woman who claimed that “intolerable” noise from her upstairs neighbours was ruining the tranquillity of her apartment has won more than £100,000 in damages. Ms Sarvenaz Fouladi claimed the constant bombardment of sounds from the family of five above her Kensington home was keeping her up at night and had affected her ability to work.

Ms Fouladi said that parties were held in the upstairs apartment, including singing and drumming, while their children treated the flat like a playground.

Ms Fouladi, who lives with her mother, sued over “noise nuisance”. Judge Nicholas Parfitt, at Central London county court, ruled the apartment occupants and the company which owns their flat should have put down carpets on the wooden floors in living areas. 

At last Friday’s hearing, the judge ordered the flat owners to do work on floors to reduce noise. He awarded Ms Fouladi compensation of £107,397.37, rising £40 a day until the work is done.

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