Online divorce process to be rolled out by the Ministry of Justice

Following a pilot scheme, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) says that it will extend the system of obtaining a divorce online where divorce is uncontested. A smart form, which tailors questions based on the circumstances of the marriage breakdown, will help the MoJ’s attempt to save £250 million through a reduction in paperwork and processing time, according to an article in The Guardian.

Husbands and wives have been able to apply for divorce by filling in paper forms for more than two decades. In cases where the divorce is uncontested, and where there are no arguments over property, money or children, divorces can be completed without the couple having to go to court. An online system has the potential to make divorce even easier.

The first divorce cases to be carried out online have begun their progress through the legal system, officials have confirmed. However, court managers have disclosed that four out of 10 people who fill in divorce application forms without the help of a lawyer have their request for the divorce process to begin rejected because they cannot complete the form correctly.

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