Tribunal fees are putting off potential claimants in employment cases, according to Acas

While employment lawyers await the outcome of a government review of employment tribunal fees, research by the conciliatory body Acas suggests one in five cases were withdrawn as a result of the “off-putting” fees, according to The Law Society Gazette.

Since 2014 claimants have been required to pay separate fees to issue their claim and have it heard, unless they qualify for a reduction or waiver on the grounds of having limited wealth and low income. Claim fees range from £160 to £250, with further hearing fees ranging from £230 to £950.

Latest research by Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) shows that one-fifth of claimants who withdrew their employment tribunal case “reported that it was because the tribunal hearing fees were off-putting”.

Just over a third of claimants reported that they had applied for a fee remission when they made their tribunal application, of which four in five claimants were successful. However, when those who successfully applied for a fee remission were asked what they would have done if their application had been unsuccessful, one-third (37%) said they would have “dropped their case altogether”.

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