Uber takes case to judicial review

Uber, the company that pioneered an app enabling people to call cabs at short notice, has won the right to take Transport for London (TfL) to court over new rules that would require its drivers to pass English tests.

TfL wants all private-hire drivers to undergo reading, writing and listening tests from 1 October, which the High Court has accepted. However, Uber has been permitted to challenge if exemptions can be put in place for some drivers.

Uber had initially supported the test, but now argues the requirement that drivers provide a certificate showing they have an intermediate level of reading and writing is unnecessary and costly. It has more than 30,000 drivers in London and estimates thousands would be affected by the change.

TfL said: “We note that the court has refused permission for judicial review of the principle and standard of English language test, the requirement for hire and reward insurance and the ability for customers to speak to someone by telephone. We look forward to the remaining issues being resolved in due course.”

Direct Access Barrister - myBarrister