Uber wants to discuss changes with TfL following decision to revoke licence to operate in London

Uber executives say they are keen to talk to Transport for London (TfL) to see what changes they need to make, in the wake of TfL’s decision not to renew Uber’s licence in the capital.

TfL said that Uber had failed because it was not a “fit and proper” operator. TfL based its decision, in part, on Uber’s safety record, saying the ride-hailing group had failed to appropriately report “serious criminal offences” and questioning how the company conducted background checks. 

Some 500,000 people then signed an online petition to reverse the decision. “I know that Uber has become a popular service for many Londoners,” said London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, “but it would be wrong for TfL to license Uber if there was any way this could pose a threat to Londoners’ safety or security. I have every sympathy with Uber drivers and customers affected by this decision, but their anger really should be directed at Uber. They have let down their drivers and customers by failing, in the view of TfL, to act as a fit and proper operator.”

Uber’s licence in London runs out at the end of the month, but the company has three weeks to appeal against the decision and will be able to operate throughout the appeals process.

Tom Elvidge, general manager of Uber in London, vowed to “immediately challenge this in the courts”, adding that Uber’s 3.5m users and 40,000 drivers in the capital “will be astounded by this decision”. But he also expressed a willingness to talk to TfL.

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