Sheila Aly

I have been a specialist in employment law since I was called to the Bar 2002 and am a highly experienced practitioner. I completed my training at what remains one of the leading chambers in the UK for Employment Law, Littleton Chambers, and have since worked as both a self-employed barrister in chambers and as an in house barrister. 

I’ve worked with numerous satisfied Claimants and had a number of high profile wins. including the widely publicised Macken v BNP Paribas, in which I successfully represented the Claimant, in what was termed by the Guardian as a "rare win" in the equal pay field.  This win prompted the start of the #metoopay movement.  It is one of the highest tribunal awards and ACAS uplifts of all time and historic in the sense that it is the first time in the Employment Tribunal’s history that an equal pay audit has been ordered against an employer.  

Although the vast majority of my cases do not feature in the press and of course client confidentiality is paramount, I have nevertheless been involved in a number of other high profile cases, some of which have been featured across every major newspaper, Channel 4 and the BBC. These most recently also include Dehais v BNP Paribas, Mulumba v Partners Group and Ms. A v Lord Ranger & others. I undertook direct access instructions in most of these and went onto win on behalf of the Claimants involved against highly resourced legal teams.  I have also recently been featured in "Its Raining Women" (a feature length documentary about Equal Pay and the glass ceiling). 

Although I work with a lot of corporate claimants, I have successfully represented employees from all walks of life, and will always deal with your case in a kind, sensitive and robust way.

I regularly assist my clients from the outset of the Tribunals process, or even prior to it if appropriate.  With my skills in workplace mediation, I have often been called on to assist prior to a Tribunals process arising. However, once it has, I  can also undertake work in relation to all aspects of employment law work which can range from drafting your response, to representing you at Tribunal. Some examples of the type of employment law work I have done in the past includes Unfair Dismissal, Discrimination, Wrongful Dismissal, advising on compromise agreements and drafting contracts.

My approach

I often assist my clients from the very outset of their claims. I am down to earth, and have been told that I have a knack for explaining complicated concepts in an easy way. I believe in treating everyone that I represent in a way that is both sensitive and professional. I know how stressful bringing a claim can be, and I believe that it is my job to make that process as easy as possible for you. I take account of what all my clients want, and we then work together to make sure that you are achieving the best possible results that you can. My past client relationships have meant that I have had the good fortune of getting a lot of my work through referral and repeat business. 

My work

Sheila’s services include:

Advising clients on prospects of success and Tribunal tactics on how to achieve the best results

Drafting Contracts, Claims, Grievances, Witness Statements, Appeals and other legal documents

Representation at all levels of Employment Tribunal

Commerical Mediation 

Family Mediation 

Workplace Mediation

Corporate Training on Employment Law issues including but not limited to minimising disputes, handling discilinary hearings, TUPE and Redundancy.

About me

I deal with all aspects of Court and non-Court work relating to employment law, including but not limited to Discrimination, Equal Pay, Unfair Dismissal, advising on compromise agreements, TUPE issues, and drafting contracts.


What my clients say

"Having Sheila as my barrister was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She is  sharp, smart and knows the law and its various intricacies. Working with Sheila showed me how good  legal representation can really make an impact. During what was one of the most difficult times of my life, Sheila’s empathetic approach to law gave me clarity around my options and the legal process. Sheila’s  skills and services as a lawyer gave me the most important thing I wanted from my legal case, justice. For that, I will forever be grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Sheila to anyone who needs her services as a barrister."

F Alexandre, ex-Open Reach employee


“Sheila not only won my case, she saved my life. My professional career was in jeopardy because of the carelessness of my previous employer. She was brilliant during the trial, she proved the unfair dismissal, she gave me back my dignity.”

X. Dehais (ex-BNP Paribas Employee)


Sheila was appointed to represent a small family firm who were had allegations of constructive dismissal and disability discrimination against them. Sheila was appointed under the direct access scheme and not only won the case and the family were awarded costs but she did so in an empathic, sensitive way. She managed to communicate the legal technicalities of the case in way which was wholly understood by laypeople – a skill many legal professionals lack these days.

Jane Dronsfield, MD of Jane & Co Ltd, Manchester


“Sheila represented us in an employment case and from the first minute put us at ease with her pleasant and professional manner. In court she put across our points thoughtfully and we were very happy with the result. I would recommend Sheila and certainly use her again in the future”

Mark Bent, Director, Brand Imaging Solutions, Bucks

“Miss Sheila Aly is a polite and courteous lawyer. She is always calm, composed, confident and nothing seems to faze her. Her knowledge of Law would appear to be extensive. Miss Aly was meticulous in her preparation of our brief and conducted herself professionally in court – an attribute which instilled confidence in her already stressed clients! She was commended following the verdict for an excellent presentation by the Tribunal Judge. We would retain Miss Aly’s services should the need arise in the future.”

Raj & Angela Pusuram, Care Providers, Southampton

“As a Women’s Refuge Board of Trustee’s facing an Employment Tribunal claim against us, we couldn’t have asked for better legal representation than that we received from Sheila Aly. We found her to be sensitive to our needs, to grasp the complexities of our case quickly. Her cool, calm approach that helped to build our confidence whilst seeing our situation clearly was invaluable to us. Sheila’s thorough presentation that brought out the relevant detail of our case ensured that we were successful in our response to the claim. We are more than grateful for the fact that Sheila didn’t disappear as our case ended but stayed to see some extra issues through for us making sure that she competed our case fully. We felt well supported and represented by a true professional who knows her job.”

Gill Adamson Chair Rochdale Women’s Refuge & Valerie Bracken Treasurer Rochdale Women’s Refuge, Rochdale

“I recommend to you Sheila Aly. When faced with the complexities of employment legislation, truth is never simple to expose. My experience of Sheila was that she listened and explained and with calm and careful reasoning represented the facts of my case. No gimmicks, no confusion and a strong legal mind.”

Irene Hadley, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Croydon Women’s Aid, London

“I thought I would put pen to paper (so to speak) to thank you for your support and hard work during the period in which you represented us for the tribunal. We really appreciate all you did for us and the way you responded to our needs. Your professionalism shone throughout and we were all very impressed with your ability and your quick thinking. Please accept our gratitude for a fine job well done.”

Simon D, Care Provider, Watford, Herts

“I have more than once approached Sheila Aly for advice on legal matters regarding my work where I deal with staff who are care givers for my disabled daughter. I had recruited staff from an agency who did not deal with my staff and me in a professional manner which meant that I needed legal help as the case had to go to court.
When approached by me, Sheila was more than happy to deal with my case. She was very professional and was able to help in all legal matters concerned with the case. She was very quick, professional and ready with all the questions asked by the judge. He was happy with Sheila’s ability to deal with the case, which was heard by the judge with patience and understanding. He allowed Sheila to try to resolve with the two parties and take it back to him for his decision. Sheila dealt with the case in a very amicable manner and it went in our favour. I will recommend Sheila with confidence to who ever needs legal advise”

Nilufar Nizarali, London

Professional & academic


CEDR Accredited Commercial Mediator and mediation trainer

ADR Group Accredited Family mediator

PMR Ltd Accredited Workplace Mediator