myBarrister Launches Definitive Direct Access Website for Barristers

Everything that barristers need to know about direct access and winning direct access clients is contained in a new website launched today. myBarrister Direct Access Insight is the expanded and enhanced website of myBarrister. myBarrister is the UK’s leading service that matches clients with barristers to resolve their urgent legal problems.

myBarrister Direct Access Insight has been launched in response to the huge increase in demand by clients for direct access barristers. myBarrister currently has more than 17,000 visitors each month. The conversion rate for clients visiting the website is 5 per cent, which is three times as high as the average conversion rate for all UK law firms and barristers’ websites.

myBarrister Direct Access Insight provides direct access barristers with all the information they need to know about direct access, including explanations of direct access regulations and guidance on how to market themselves to win direct access clients. The expanded website includes full information about myBarrister i.e. subscription details, information resources, links to videos of past seminars and information about future events.

There are also news items, expert comments from barristers and a special section, Harry's Column, which contains insights from myBarrister’s Head of Client Communications on how barristers can best convert leads into instructions.

Ronald DeKoven, Founder and Chief Executive of myBarrister, says: “There has been a surge in demand for direct access barristers over the past year. We see that trend continuing. With our expanded website, we have provided one definitive and easy-to-use resource for barristers on all matters related to direct access.”

myBarrister Direct Access Insight