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The chances of EU citizens settled in Britain retaining all their rights to live, work and retire in the UK after Brexit have been rated as zero by legal experts, according to an article in The Guardian. ... read more
September 23rd, 2016
A City of London worker who was fed up with being misled about the state of flats he was renting in the capital has set up a website to allow other tenants to comment on the properties they have rented. ... read more
September 22nd, 2016
The RAC has released the results of a survey which found that nearly a third (31 per cent) of motorists said they used a handheld phone behind the wheel against the law compared with 8 per cent in 2014. ... read more
September 19th, 2016
A man professing to be a big fan of the Back to the Future films has been filmed driving his DeLorean car at precisely 88mph.  Nigel Mills was quoted as saying, “I wasn’t trying to time travel.  It was at 11.oo am on Sunday and the road was completely clear.”  ... read more
September 16th, 2016
Gemma Lindfield wrote this article for The Brief, following the recent trial on the radio programme, The Archers, which attracted a lot of ... read more
September 15th, 2016
It is only a radio programme, but the trial of one of the main characters has generated huge interest and led to donations of £150,000 to a charity that supports the victims of domestic abuse. ... read more
September 13th, 2016
“I have been subscribed to myBarrister for just under a year and it has been a very positive experience. It has helped to supplement my existing practice with additional direct access work and the clerking is professional, effective and friendly. Marketing is pro-active and individual attention is... ... read more
September 12th, 2016
Fabric, one of Britain’s best known nightclubs, has been forced to close permanently after its licence was revoked following the drug-related deaths of two people. ... read more
September 12th, 2016
A Cambridge researcher has compiled the 10 most bizarre laws that are still in force in the UK, and some people may be alarmed to know that it is illegal to be drunk in a pub. ... read more
September 9th, 2016
The BPP University Law School has announced a new “corporate training” programme as part of the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC), which will offer the chance for a select few to become better versed in the world of business. ... read more
September 8th, 2016


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On 13 April the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 comes into effect. The act contains a range of law changes, including increased prison terms for serious crimes such as certain terrorism offences and internet trolling. posted on March 30th, 2015
Tips in restaurants, hotels and bars should go to workers and not their employers, the government said in a report published today, according to a report in The Guardian. posted on May 3rd, 2016
Business Minister Jo Swinson has announced changes that increase the minimum level of debt for which someone owed money can force a person into bankruptcy, from £750 to £5,000. The limits were last revised in 1986. posted on January 16th, 2015